Kidney stone ultrasound treatment

Kidney stone is a very common type of kidney disease that no matter children or adults may suffer from this disease. For small stones, generally don’t have to take treatment, drink plenty of water, take more exercise, prompting the stone excreted out of body; but if the stones are relatively large, then you need to take treatment.

Ultrasound is one of the ways to treat kidney stone, then what is ultrasound treatment?

Ultrasonic lithotripsy is the use of electrical energy into sound waves, sound waves in the ultrasonic transducer to produce mechanical vibration energy, transmitted to the ultrasound probe through the ultrasonic electrode, so that longitudinal vibration occurs at the top, when contact with a hard stone, it produces a lithotripsy effect, but does not cause damage to the soft tissue.

Although ultrasound treatment of kidney stone is very effective, but if you do not pay attention can still lead to certain risks and complications.




Pain and discomfort

Lung injury

Cerebrovascular accident

Arrhythmia or aggravate the original heart disease

Gastrointestinal cramps, intestinal wall edema, gastrointestinal bleeding

The above is a detailed description of the ultrasonic treatment of kidney stone, I hope to help everyone. Care should be done after treatment to avoid the occurrence of complications. It should be noted that not all patients are suitable for ultrasound treatment, so patients should tell own physical condition to the doctor in detail before treatment, according to the doctor's advice, select the appropriate treatment.

Kidney stone ultrasound treatment

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