How does congenital hydronephrosis treatment?

Congenital hydronephrosis is caused by congenital ureteropelvic junction obstruction (UPJO). The disease can be seen in the fetus to the postnatal age group, 25% in children under 1 years of age. More common in men, lesions in the left side, in the newborn, about 2/3 lesions in the left side, while the incidence of bilateral lesions from 10% to 40%. The treatment of congenital hydronephrosis should not be overlooked, as described below.
Mild hydronephrosis, incidental to clinical findings without apparent clinical symptoms, may be followed up. Patients with significant UPJ0 evidence or progressive renal damage should be treated surgically. Hydronephrosis, severe atrophy, loss of function or severe infection, and normal kidney in the contralateral kidney can be considered for hydronephrosis. In addition, for hydronephrosis found in the fetus, one week after birth should be checked by B ultrasound, about 1/3 of children may return to normal after birth. Physical examination and other incidental findings of mild hydronephrosis without clinical symptoms should be followed up. Hydronephrosis or progressive impairment of renal function, or abdominal pain, infection, stone and other clinical complications should be treated promptly.
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 How does congenital hydronephrosis treatment

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