Does mild hydronephrosis need treatment?

Does mild hydronephrosis need treatment? Mild hydronephrosis also requires treatment. Some people think that he is only slightly hydronephrosis, and then no treatment. Eventually, the condition worsened and irreparable damage was lost. Therefore, mild hydronephrosis is the need for treatment, the following is a detailed description.
The ideal treatment for mild hydronephrosis is to remove the cause of hydronephrosis and retain the kidneys. If the obstruction has not caused serious and non reversible lesions, it can achieve good results after the removal of the cause. The surgical procedure depends on the nature of the cause, such as congenital stricture of the ureteropelvic junction, pyeloplasty, lithotripsy, or lithotomy of the kidney and ureter, which can be performed in recent years. Hydronephrosis and renal function improved after the operation.
Nephrostomy is a method of treatment, but the treatment is performed if the patient is present with a critical condition or fails to remove the cause of hydronephrosis. If the emergence of hydronephrosis in patients with more serious illness, or patients have suffered a severe infection leads to kidney essence too little when you need surgery of kidney, renal function is generally good, resectable disease of kidney.
Does mild hydronephrosis need treatment? Through the introduction of the above, we have learned that mild hydronephrosis is also necessary for treatment, so patients must not be ignored.

 Does mild hydronephrosis need treatment

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