Can kidney patients eat donkey meat?

Can kidney patients eat donkey meat?

Tired of eating pork mates, can eat some flesh of a donkey? The answer is yes! Why kidney disease patients can eat donkey? Here, our experts explain for everyone.

High-quality protein, low fat:

High-quality protein is necessary nutrition for patients. We usually recommend eating lean meat, milk, eggs and so on, I believe many patients already tired of eating. The donkey meat has become a perfect substitute.

Donkey meat is rich in high-quality protein, to meet the body's needs; fat content is very low.It allows you to supplement your protein without having to worry about the rise in blood lipids.

High Amino Acids, Low Cholesterol:

Flesh of a donkey contains a variety of amino acids, including 8 kinds of essential amino acids. Compared with other meat, donkey contains a larger proportion of essential amino acids, it is more nutritious food. At the same time, the lower the cholesterol content of flesh of a donkey has important effect on the stability, blood pressure, prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

High calcium, high unsaturated fatty acids:

Flesh of a donkey rich in collagen, calcium, collagen content especially rich, patient with kidney disease can prevent osteoporosis and other symptoms.

In addition, the donkey's unsaturated fatty acid content is also high, beneficial to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, will not raise blood fat, it is suitable for patients with dyslipidemia edible.


1.Donkey meat Although the benefits, but the taste is warm, so don't eat sparingly, especially during medication. Try to control about 50g a day;

2. Donkey meat is not suitable for all patients with kidney disease, first, because it may become allergens, so purpura kidney patients best not to eat;two is the flesh of a donkey purine content is slightly higher, so patients have to control the consumption of high uric acid;

3.the best collocation vegetables fried flesh of a donkey. We do not recommend eating the flesh of a donkey, Hot pot flesh of a donkey soup, they contain a lot of purine, increased uric acid, gout and aggravation; flesh of a donkey fire, sauce, etc. the flesh of a donkey flesh of a donkey Steamed dumplings food, salt is very high, will increase the burden of kidney.

Read the introduction, hoping to help you, if you have any questions about the disease need detailed understanding, you can consult our online expert, our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.

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