Bad eating habits that really hurts

Bad eating habits that really hurts

1 do not drink water.

Water is not only an important substance to maintain life, but also a tool for human detoxification. According to a survey conducted in China, seven out of ten adults drink water when thirsty, but do not know that when you feel thirsty, the body has lost at least 1% of the water. Drinking water is not to quench thirst, but to let it participate in metabolism. Prolonged lack of water will increase blood viscosity, induced cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, kidney damage is also included. Moreover, longer replenishment, the desire to drink will be lower, the body will become more and more dry".

2 do not attach importance to staple food.

Once, Steamed Rice, noodles, Steamed Buns are staple food for people on the table. With life getting better, these foods are more and more distant from us, a lot of people wanting to lose weight even take fruit as staple food. Nutrition research shows that eat less staple food, bad cholesterol will increase, the greater the risk of heart disease. The traditional Chinese medicine is more emphasis on staple food intake. It is insufficient and easy to lead to deficiency of Qi and blood, then to deficiency of kidney qi. With fruit as staple food, can easily lead to malnutrition and poor nutrition.

3 smoking after meals.

People often say that "a cigarette after a meal, it's feeling good". In fact, medical research shows that smoking immediately after eating is extremely detrimental to health. The risk of smoking after meals is 10 times greater than usual. This is because when people eat, the digestive system immediately full exercise, the human gastrointestinal motility is very frequent, blood circulation accelerated, systemic pores are also open. At this time smoking, lung and body tissue to absorb the intensity of the smoke, harmful substances will strongly stimulate the respiratory tract and digestive tract. Therefore, public places and the private places conduct a comprehensive ban on smoking, smokers who are addicted to smoking, should also take a cigarette in half an hour after meals.

4 frequently wine drinking.

As the saying goes "There are no parties without wine, every relative and friend gatherings, or social work, wine to add to fun. According to statistics, there are 60 kinds of diseases related to alcohol. Alcohol induced disease incidence and mortality are higher than tobacco. Long term drinking, body organs like liver, stomach, pancreas, brain, heart and skeletal, ears and eyes, spared will be affected in different degree of damage. The most frightening thing is that excessive drinking can cause cancer. Esophageal cancer, gastric cancer and other cancer most likely to attack people who love to drink.

5 drink tea after dinner.

Many Chinese people have the habit of drinking tea after dinner, in fact, this is a hidden danger to health. Immediately drinking tea after dinner will result in tea polyphenols in tea with iron and protein in food, resulting in a complex reaction, thus affecting the body's absorption of iron and protein. The experiment shows that after drinking 15 grams of tea brewing, will make the absorption of iron in food decreased by 50%.

6 missing breakfast.

Many people get up late, being lazy, with time and other reasons, skip breakfast. It is showed  that people who do not eat breakfast have the higher level of insulin, diabetes prone. Eating  no breakfast often increases the risk of heart disease. Doctor said, missing breakfast will reduce work efficiency. In addition, it can cause dry skin, wrinkles and anemia, induced gastrointestinal diseases. Missing breakfast for a long time even increase cholesterol, prone to gallstones. So no matter how busy, breakfast can not be skipped.

7 devour.

With the accelerated pace of life, the Chinese people's eating speed is also unknowingly increased. If chewing is not fine, coarse food will increase the burden on the stomach. Eat too fast, not only damage the esophagus, but also may cause digestive and metabolic disorders, constipation, obesity. High blood sugar patients eat too fast, there is a risk of aggravating the condition. Therefore, eat at least 15 minutes per meal. Eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grains, can increase chewing time. In addition, the chewing rate of each meal should be slowed down, chewing more than 20 times is appropriate.

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