What is the dietary principle of chronic nephritis

What is the dietary principle of chronic nephritis

When we are suffering from a disease, the body itself may lack some necessary essential materials and reasonable diet one can supplement our body needs, so, what are the principles of diet and chronic nephritis?

Low protein and low phosphorus diet

The problem of protein intake is almost all kidney patients have to face the problem, the number of people who will have a significant impact on the development and rehabilitation of the disease. For chronic nephritis patients, the incidence of early or acute exacerbation, with a certain degree of oliguria, edema or symptoms of poor appetite, protein intake should be appropriate to control, but not too much, especially in patients with weight loss, otherwise it may affect the body's immune system, is not conducive to the rehabilitation of the disease. Generally 1 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day is appropriate. When a large number of diuretic edema subsided, when the patient symptoms improved, it is necessary to increase the amount of protein intake in a timely manner, to supplement a large number of proteins lost when diuretic, especially for patients with chronic glomerulonephritis. If further development of chronic nephritis, lead to severe renal damage, appear uremia, renal excretion of metabolites on protein function is reduced, the blood urea nitrogen increased, then we must strictly limit the intake of protein, only supply a small amount of protein to maintain the body needs basic metabolism.

Plenty of carbohydrates

Patients with chronic nephritis due to the limitations of protein intake, the heat is mainly supplied by carbohydrates, so the diet should be appropriate to improve the sugar, in order to meet the body's demand for heat energy. In addition, adequate heat supply can reduce the consumption of protein, reduce the burden on the kidneys, and can make a small amount of protein used for tissue repair and growth. For patients with chronic nephritis of food vermicelli, vermicelli, potato, lotus root starch etc..

Limiting sodium salt

In patients with stable chronic nephritis, edema and other symptoms of chronic nephritis is not obvious, do not limit the salt of the people, as long as you do not eat salty food can be. When the patients with severe edema, heart failure and even hypertensive encephalopathy, to strictly limit the intake of salt, not only intake of salt, can not eat other food containing sodium, such as soda biscuits, dried meat floss, alkaline Steamed Buns etc.. In order not to affect the patient because of salt tasteless appetite, while cooking salt soy sauce available to replace salt. The patient's condition should be reduced and stabilized, so as to gradually increase the salt intake.

Proper amount of water

Drinking water is generally not limited, but it should not be too much, especially accompanied by obvious edema and oliguria, we must pay attention to water intake.

Vitamin and iron supplement

Patients with chronic nephritis due to long duration, poor appetite, eating less affected people, vitamin intake and chronic nephritis patients should pay attention to eat foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C in foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits, to prevent vitamin deficiency. Chronic nephritis patients often accompanied by symptoms of anemia, is mainly caused by lack of blood raw materials, so the chronic nephritis patients should also use some iron rich foods, such as liver, egg, tomato, red dates and green leafy vegetables, but also should pay attention to folic acid and vitamin B12

Hope that the majority of patients to pay attention to life, but many patients do not know that life has been suffering from nephritis, and so on until he was aware of the examination, suffering from nephritis will cause a lot of other diseases. Long term treatment of nephritis brings a lot of harm, therefore, treatment is very important.


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