Kidney disease is rumored "not puncture treatment"?

Kidney disease is rumored "not puncture treatment"?

Kidney disease is rumored "not puncture treatment"? 

Friends of the Beijing Tongshantang kidney disease hospital kidney disease 

Xiao li, 22, is a construction worker, wanzhou sun wind rain, they think their bones are made of steel, for their own health problems also not too concerned about. Until last winter he appeared the symptom of edema, swollen feet. 

When I went to the local hospital, the doctor told him that may be a kidney disease, but only see the surface symptoms cannot determine the pathological type, suggested that he (should) go to large hospital as a comprehensive inspection. 

After the Spring Festival, xiao li went to the city hospital, because there are signs of edema, proteinuria, the doctor was doubtful whether he is nephrotic syndrome, but in order to more clearly understand his condition, hope he will do a kidney biopsy, to symptomatic treatment. 

Before making a renal biopsy, he carefully about whether to do the surgery, attending a college will give little sister a call, let her to check some information of renal biopsy. 

Many ask, he have a certain knowledge of renal biopsy, also own summed up the advantages and disadvantages of surgery: 

Leon: renal puncture operation is easy, diagnose clearly, can provide more accurate guidance for treatment. 

Disadvantage: the price is not low, may cause damage to the kidney, or cause infection and other complications. 

Xiao li the final choice is, do not do kidney biopsy, treatment in a hospital. 

In June 2016, xiao li came to Beijing Tongshantang, decided to use the traditional Chinese medicine treatment. 4 + to hospital urinary protein, occult blood 1 +, 24 hours urinary protein quantitative 5.99 g, agreed to a diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome. 

Due to xiao li declined to renal puncture, temporarily unable to clear the specific pathological type, but do not do kidney puncture, cannot be treated? 

According to the patient's symptom such as paper and edema, to be sure he is suffering from primary nephrotic syndrome. 

(urine) treatment 

For the treatment of primary nephrotic syndrome, the key is not diminish inflammation and edema, but clean up the immune complex deposition in the kidney. 

Xiao li when doing the foot bath therapy, often and doctor asked some questions about kidney disease treatment. University graduation, he suddenly just like asking why learn * * medical knowledge. 

Conversation between he learned, only under special circumstances, the protein and occult blood is very stubborn, try their best to cannot eliminate, can consider to help diagnose with renal biopsy, but the discovery had kidney disease do kidney puncture, obviously there is no necessary. 

And renal puncture surgery is timeliness, renal biopsy results can only represent the condition of a period of time. As time goes on, the results will not be able to as a reference to the diagnosis and treatment. 

(urine) after treatment 

Half a month after treatment, xiao li got better, urine urine disappeared, discharge a large amount of immune complex at the same time. Urinary protein and occult blood overcast, 24 hours urinary protein quantitative will to 0.65 g. 

In a stable condition, xiao li took charge and home treatment. Unexpectedly, three months later he returned, the back is not relapse, is with "medical skills, excellent service" pennants to always take care of his health care workers. 

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