Tongshantang kidney disease hospital at the age of 12 patie

Tongshantang kidney disease hospital at the age of 12 patie

Tongshantang kidney disease hospital at the age of 12 patients with small dreams do doctors For the sick father 

Five years, yong-cheng li traveled much of the country suffering from kidney disease, the daughter of the doctor, take medicine when every time I look at her daughter to swallow the expression, the northwest man heart will be pain. But no matter how bitter medicine, daughter always drink, also said, "I also want to drink again, cure disease, grew up when a doctor, for dad ears, 12 years old girl from gansu province zhengning county XiaoNa, has get rid of kidney disease, is her to come back to the classroom, or have a hearing impairment in the heart of the miss father. 

Eight-year-old girl suffering from kidney disease Mother ran away from home 

In 2011, 8 XiaoNa sudden high fever, family thought is the common cold, then according to the experience of using some children cold, fever. Child has a fever, take medicine, repeatedly repeatedly family hasn't been to detect anomalies, until after more than 20 days XiaoNa limb pale, then came on edema, erythema. 

"Children some edema, thought is lying down for a long time, then the more powerful the more swollen, also appeared large areas of skin erythema." After the father of the child Li Yong said, the feeling is right, he and his wife, his daughter together immediately to the hospital inspection, finally was diagnosed with systemic lupus nephritis. 

Mother learned XiaoNa condition will continue to deteriorate, need after major medical, with son ran away from home; Five years, yong-cheng li alone with XiaoNa seek treatment, because can't see the hope of cure and cure owe a lot of foreign debt, during which he had thought of giving up treatment. 

Had to give up the idea of ", but see children sitting home, to go to school children say "hello", also to ask 'where did the teacher talk about', I started to hear the sad, there is regret the idea." Yong-cheng li voice choked me said, "mom whether she, her again regardless of Eva, Eva, there is no way, again difficult, also want to give the child to see the doctor." 

Five years, yong-cheng li traveled much of the country suffering from kidney disease, the daughter of the doctor, in May this year, the yong-cheng li took my daughter to Beijing Tongshantang kidney disease hospital for treatment. Therapy in Beijing Tongshantang kidney disease hospital, the reporter saw the ongoing Chinese medicine fumigation treatment XiaoNa, know its purpose, XiaoNa active rolled up his sleeves, pointing to the arm said: "you see, don't have the red plaques, children won't hide me." 

"Before because daughter have erythema, don't understand the situation of children away from her, afraid of infection, daughter of so become very introverted personality, one day can say a few words, can be more words now, children are, after all, the love of beauty, also know self-respect." Yong-cheng li said happily. 

Father and daughter lived alone Seek treatment 

Daughter is sick after, in order to treating girls, yong-cheng li took her two daughters to work while seeking medical treatment. Where it was in the hospital is working, have to work 12 hours a day, for a hard of hearing people, he is very cherish every job. 36 yong-cheng li is most of the time to deal with a meal with steamed bread pickles, long-term poor nutrition, he seems to be many old age than the actual. 

"At present, has spent nearly 300000, most of them are borrowed, all the relatives and friends to borrow, also in bank loans 50000." Li Yong, Lin said he is not afraid of high medical bills, just can cure his daughter, he can also how much debt. 

According to XiaoNa attending doctor zhang lei, the hospital expert group XiaoNa for consultation, also considering her family situation, developed a Chinese medicine treatment plan. "Traditional Chinese medicine treatment not only economic pressure and also has no side effects for children, after all, children in a long body." 

The hospital after the doctor know to delineate yong-cheng li, spontaneous donations, for this XiaoNa donation of more than 10000 yuan, also breaks the related cost of treatment. 

Really want to go to school Grow up when a doctor 

"Just on admission, XiaoNa body situation is very dangerous, a few indicators have reached the human extremum, haven't eat for 5 days, because the edematous erythema oozy blister, clothes are glued on the meat, already out of breath." Doctor zhang lei said, after 1 day of rescue, the child out of danger, the nurse to wipe clean and ready to change clothes, found her bag was turned off leather book, doesn't even have a decent clothes. 

As the illness grew better and XiaoNa again naive and lively personality, talking and laughing every day pestering the nurse to give her a lecture. "XiaoNa fell ill just read the second grade, because seek treatment cure, she never entered the classroom, now children 12 years old, cultural knowledge still stays in the second grade, doctors and nurses are fond of children, a free taught her to read and count, children love to learn." Yong-cheng li said gratefully. 

"I will go to school after discharge, study hard, grow up when a doctor, give my dad treated ears!" Because my father has hearing impairment, can only do coolie live, sensible XiaoNa have this desire. 

Doctor zhang lei to remind parents, the child continued fever, fatigue, and accompanied by the eye is swollen, and so on and so forth, to go to a hospital making inspection as soon as possible, this is likely to be primary nephrotic signal. At the same time, lupus erythematosus (sle) is an autoimmune systematic disease, infectious, never away, hurt my self-esteem of patients 

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