The symptoms of kidney disease beware of these don't like

The symptoms of kidney disease beware of these don't like

The symptoms of kidney disease beware of these don't like 

Recent epidemiological survey, in Shanghai about nine people suffering from kidney disease. 

Because of the concealment, great harm, kidney disease in the medical community called "silent killer". 

Tongshantang kidney disease hospital expert reminds, urine routine and renal function test on a regular basis is very important, because no feeling does not represent a kidney disease, particularly when the following four "not like kidney disease" symptoms, more to check the kidney. 

High blood pressure 

It is well known that high blood pressure can harm the cardiovascular system, and cause a stroke, but many people do not know, is also closely related to hypertension and kidney disease. High blood pressure can lead to kidney disease, kidney disease (CKD) will be characterized by high blood pressure. 

Tongshantang kidney disease hospital experts told reporters that nearly 60% of kidney disease patients will have high blood pressure. But most of the patients had never been kidney related inspection, but they often tried many step-down method to reach the ideal effect, because they do not know the source in the kidneys. 

Kidney disease can cause renal hypertension? The first, because the renin - angiotensin. When kidney or renal vascular lesions, renin - angiotensin production will surge, associated with systemic small artery spasm, small artery resistance increased, causing high blood pressure. Second, kidney pathological changes after its discharge the function of human body in the inland waters, salt will weaken or even lose, cause water retention in the body of sodium, lead to increased blood volume lead to renal hypertension. In addition, patients with kidney disease often appear sympathetic nervous excitement, this also is one of the factors that cause high blood pressure. 

Tongshantang kidney disease hospital expert reminds, the first time found that high blood pressure, you should check whether there is kidney pathological changes, especially the young and middle-aged people if there is an unexplained high blood pressure, more want to check the kidney, lest delay an illness. 

Bone pain 

Kidney, maintain water balance, in addition to generating urine discharge important functional metabolites and toxic substances in the human body, there is a big function is significant, that is endocrine function. Kidney erythropoietin secretion can promote bone marrow hematopoietic, kidney generate the activity of vitamin D can regulate the body's calcium phosphorus metabolism, to maintain normal structure and function of bones. 

This means that once the kidney lesions, the bone health of human body will be threatened. Calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D in the blood of the patients with uremia can appear metabolic disorder, thus stimulating hyperparathyroidism, result in bone pain, osteoporosis and other bone disease. 

Tongshantang kidney disease hospital expert proposal, the elderly in the event of unexplained or often feel pain in my lower back pain, bone fracture, osteoporosis, the orthopedic inspection found no abnormalities, such as must check the kidneys. 


Ms zhang anaemia for many years, a variety of drugs even tried many prescriptions, don't work. Past, she was growing pale, often feel feet soft, easily flustered, shortness of breath, dizziness. After careful examination, the expert's diagnosis to ms zhang family ate a surprised, her kidney disease has entered the period, for many years, not the anemia is caused by chronic renal failure. 

Anemia is a common clinical symptoms, many diseases will be characterized by anemia, but few would think of kidney disease. 

In fact, kidney development to terminal, such as chronic renal failure is easy to cause anemia, and very stubborn. This is because it has suffered severe damage of renal parenchyma, kidney erythropoiesis factors to reduce, the destruction of red blood cells caused by acceleration. Besides anemia patients may also occur nosebleed, bloody urine, haemoptysis, hematochezia, etc., it is easy to be misdiagnosed as blood disease. 

Itchy skin 

More than half a year ago, ms wu has found herself the whole body skin is a lot of small rash suddenly, itchy. Especially at night, don't want to catch broken skin, just feel a little bit more comfortable. 

She repeatedly to dermatological department sees a doctor, the doctor said she is urticaria, some external treatment, oral medicine. However "inside and outside the" two-pronged, SAO is urticant still not better, but more and more serious. Experienced experts advise ms wu to check kidney function, that a check is renal failure, which is usually said "uremia." 

Originally, continue for more than half a year itching is not simple skin disease, but kidney disease has entered the late urine toxin spread the whole body, stimulate the skin after the performance. 

Tongshantang kidney disease hospital expert tells a reporter, ms wu is not alone, at the beginning of the kidney lesions often anodyne, patients with no obvious sense, plus some kidney disease progress is slow, is more likely to be ignored, once appear, complications, often into the middle-late. 

Clues to more need to be mindful 

Itchy skin, anemia, bone pain, tend to be kidney disease into the middle-late stage performance. Want to early detection and early treatment, in addition to routine urine, kidney checks on a regular basis, the daily life also should observe carefully, if found the following the clues, will go to a hospital checking in time, please experienced doctors diagnosis. 

Urine bubble watch the morning urine, healthy people urinate in foam will disappear in a short time. But patients with kidney disease caused by proteinuria bubbles will not disappear. 

Urine color change Suddenly became dark urine, variable GongDou should be cause for alarm, especially respiratory or intestinal infection occurs after if urine color red, may be a manifestation of IgA nephropathy. 

Edema healthy people wake up, is also likely to be mild eyelid edema, but not how long will fade. And kidney lesions people will always swollen eyelids, some people even show the body dropsy, weight increase suddenly, press with finger can appear lower limbs sag, and the swelling is not easy to fade. 

So, once appear, the above symptoms, must not light heart, to the hospital make a diagnosis and give treatment as soon as possible. 

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