Turbid urine is not spermatorrhea

Turbid urine is not spermatorrhea

Turbid urine is not spermatorrhea 

I am a 22 year old male, still no girlfriend, masturbation is less. Some time ago I found urine is turbid,there are some white dregs in the urine, once in a row after the urine of sperm injection, and have the pleasure when masturbation. Is this a seminal emission? Will not affect my ability of sex? 

Mr. Song liaoning readers 

Mr. Song: hello! 

I am in Beijing Tongshantang kidney disease hospital Lv Pengfei, let me answer your question by. 

White opacity objects appear in the urine, the possible reasons have proteinuria, pyuria, chyluria, crystallization urine and urine prostatic fluid of 5: 

Proteinuria is caused by kidney or other disease, caused by abnormal urine protein increased, such as nephritis and kidney disease, the disease often accompanied by other performances, such as edema; After pyuria is urinary tract infection, urine leukocytosis, such as cystitis and renal tuberculosis, often with frequency, urgency and urinary pain; Chyluria is caused by urinary tract filariasis, lymphatic fluid leakage into the urine, is rare; Crystallization urine is some salts in urine crystallization formed under appropriate conditions of temperature, ph value, crystallization urine may be associated with the formation of urinary stones. 

Like you abstinence of longer time, the biggest possibility is prostate fluid urine. This is at the end of urination phenomenon of white urine, white objects from prostate and seminal vesicle gland, occasionally with sperm. Prostate fluid urine has nothing to do with ejaculation, it's just a way of prostatic fluid excretion, belongs to the normal phenomenon, had no obvious effect on body health. According to Freud's point of view, some people in the line of prostatic fluid, urine after pleasure this belongs to "discharge pleasure", accompanied by ejaculation orgasm is different. 

Spermatorrhea happen in his sleep, is not necessarily associated with pleasure, so is the possibility of spermatorrhea is smaller. 

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