Tongshantang kidney disease hospital remind: prevent kidney

Tongshantang kidney disease hospital remind: prevent kidney

Tongshantang kidney disease hospital remind: prevent kidney disease should children start 

The eleventh kidney day is on March 10, according to the survey, at present our country have one every 10 adult chronic kidney disease (CKD), 1% of which may be developed into uremia. The prevalence of children in the form of increasing year by year. Tongshantang kidney disease hospital stone & Webster said, high prevalence of chronic kidney disease (CKD), the onset hidden, low awareness, combination of high rate of cardiovascular disease and mortality is high. Therefore, early detection, kidney disease become one of the key treatment. 

In Beijing Tongshantang kidney disease hospital ward was mystified was a four year old patients with small doug, doug colds at the age of 2, accompanied by a sore throat, cough, mom first give him taking fever-reducing medication and pediatric medicine, because is eager to give their children for a cold, take medicine in the absence of better, continuous use of antibiotics, until the child is swollen eyelids, less urine output. After inspection, found that doug have plenty of protein in his urine. 

Children should be careful with renal toxicity of drugs and antibiotics 


According to stone & Webster, many commonly used western medicine also has larger renal toxicity, we often use of antibiotics, for example, in which the amino sugar glycosides antibiotics (gentamicin, streptomycin, etc.) of renal toxicity is the largest, then there is an anti-inflammatory analgesic, long-term doses of anti-inflammatory painkillers tend to cause renal interstitial lesions. 

Many parents friends think western medicine for children kidney damage, you can choose no side effects of Chinese herbal medicine, it is a great mistake. More and more reports of Chinese herbal medicine cause renal damage in aristolochia, blister beetle, tripterygium wilfordii hook kiss, the mountains water pack, close also, bean root, gall bladder, renal toxicity of rhizoma alismatis, biggest should strictly control the dose of these drugs and indications. 

"Children's drugs to science, parents friends read the directions carefully when giving children, suitable amount of drinking water can be diluted drugs, help the kidneys, if discover the child should be to the regular hospital. Don't feel better after taking a pill" Stone & Webster said. 

Early detection children's kidney disease 

Kidney disease in children, early detection is the key to early treatment. Kidney is a "work hard" organs, however, in the middle of the early damage and even does not appear. Once patients body appears edema, nausea, muscle weakness and a large number of white foam in urine when alarm signal, often kidney has lost half function. 

"{if parents found the child growth and development situation is not very good, especially easy to catch a cold, often cough, also love bed-wetting, teeth has long not to come out, the condition such as speak very late, you should to hospital, check whether the child is kidney empty, and found that early nephropathy." Stone & Webster said. 

Children also need to keep renal protection 

People often compare children to the morning sun, think that children of the sun be the spirit is very flourishing, may not be "empty". In fact, is not so, parents sickly pregnancy, pregnancy, after drinking the year lead half hundred hours of pregnancy, or age children congenital deficiency is likely to be born. 

"Kidney is congenital, possessing innate essence, parents give JingXie is insufficient, the child may kidney. Kidney through the main physiological function is to promote the body's growth, development, and make people have a reproductive ability. If child neglect to protect the kidney, then, will bring their kidney health risks." Stone & Webster remind all parents of friends, no matter children or adults take any drugs must be taken according to the doctor's advice, do not do STH without authorization to add quantity, the drug should be paid more attention to the taboo, so as to avoid the risk of kidney failure. 

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