Foreign Chinese teachers' day in Beijing Tongshantang kidney

Foreign Chinese teachers' day in Beijing Tongshantang kidney

Foreign Chinese teachers' day in Beijing Tongshantang kidney disease hospital in patients with open time don't meaningful lecture hall 

Very surprise! Thought of teacher's day this year will be spent very insipid, but received flowers and gifts, and sent the blessing of the students in Moscow. "In Beijing Tongshantang kidney disease hospital, working with students of video communication when the excited said after suddenly received a bunch of flowers, have never thought here doctor will celebrate teachers' day for yourself. 

55, Dudley is Moscow on the outskirts of a middle school teacher, responsible for two subjects in mathematics and physics teaching. "More than 20 years old started to teach the teaching after graduation, many students in a small town's parents are my students, has been with the children together, don't decades for such a long time away from town." When said, this is in the family has repeatedly urging decided to sit more than eight hours of the plane to come to China for treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. 

Tongshantang kidney disease hospital dean Liu Pan (left) XiangDaLi sent her flowers. 

"The victor is the boy love to laugh, like to play guitar; girl with long hair is Bella, special quiet love painting; beside the boy making faces is lada, very naughty but learning is very good......" Of flowers and gift surprise when at the same time, also out his phone and share 10 days before the opening ceremony students send her photos and video, and a smile pointed at the picture in the student said. 

When said: "in order to let me see them every one, according to the size, grade 7 to 11 grade children line up took this photo, his cell phone every day to see it again, feel also attended the opening ceremony." 

"In addition to teaching, I also responsible for the management of 7 to 11 grade students, position like Chinese school teacher in charge." Dudley said jokingly, but one person operates five grade, should be higher than the teacher in charge of the duties, but also to the students of grade five, a professor of mathematics and physics, "every day is very busy, always can't find the chance of cure, until ten days ago because of a cold increased disease." 


Dudley her students share the meeting ceremony program performance. 

On September 1, the same day as the Russian school, late in the evening when the patient rounds of the director of international department Liu Pan found when the mood is not high, also hide in the toilet secretly tears, after understanding that Dudley because themselves unable to attend the opening ceremony of the school, not tears and students together to celebrate. "Dudley teaching for more than 30 years, once missed the opening ceremony, so it was very sad, after the comfort, we decided to teacher's day in China to give her a surprise." Liu Pan director said. 

Then, in order to be able to let Dudley convenient communication with a substitute teacher and students, the institute for Dudley specially added network video platform, allows for led the understanding to the current situation of the students in a timely manner. "Every time and the students video, I will forget to told them to study well, wait for me to go back to check homework." When said. 

Dudley her after sharing the photos also show she received email cheerfully, are students from parents, wish recover at an early date. "This email is called elias, 32 years old this year, he is my student, although his children in our school, but he will send me on the day of every year of school and teacher's day wishes." 

"This is a memorable year for me, out of the hospital after returning I can in a teachers' day, because Russia's teacher's day is the first Sunday of October." When said, on teacher's day the day before, the students will send me they made a small gift or performances, although no student around this year, but the doctor sent flowers and gifts are also very happy, the "teacher's day in China" is very meaningful. 

When after a few days is Chinese traditional festival, the Mid-Autumn festival of when planning the day with the students video attachment, to let them in miles outside of the classroom, listening to their share of Chinese traditional festival culture and experience. "Look forward to the arrival of the Mid-Autumn festival, can open a don't make sense to the students lecture hall." When said, this will be her for more than 30 years the most meaningful one lecture, and her Chinese teacher's day wishes. 

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