Eight causes of renal cyst

Eight causes of renal cyst

Prevention of polycystic kidney disease, resistance to polycystic kidney disease patients need to strengthen prevention. In particular, to improve the induction of polycystic kidney disease, eight factors of vigilance!

1, congenital dysplasia

The congenital dysplasia can produce a variety of diseases, for cystic nephropathy, which can cause medullary sponge kidney dysplasia, polycystic kidney disease, congenital abnormalities of the gene generally there is no exception, so it is with genes or gene mutations are different.

2, gene mutation (non genetic)

For polycystic kidney disease, mostly through parental genetic, pided into autosomal dominant and autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease patients but also some neither parents nor belongs to congenital dysplasia, polycystic kidney disease, gene mutation but embryo formation when variable. During embryonic development, due to various factors, the mutations in formation of polycystic kidney disease, this situation is rare, but can still happen, therefore, some parents can not polycystic kidney disease history.

3, a variety of infections

The infection can make the internal environment changes, which is conducive to change the environmental conditions of the gene cyst, cyst of the activity of internal factors enhanced, thus promoting cyst formation and growth; and any infection in any part of the body, and thus affecting the cyst through the blood into the kidneys, such as cyst infection. In addition to the clinical symptoms, but also to further accelerate the growth rate of cyst, and the renal damage aggravated. Common infections of upper respiratory tract infection (including colds), urinary tract infections, gastrointestinal infections, skin infections, trauma, infection, infection and so on is whether the instrument, bacterial infection or viral infection, can have a great impact on the cyst.

4, toxins

The role of toxins in the human body, can cause a variety of cell tissue and organ damage, resulting in disease, and even life-threatening, and is also a major cause of gene mutation, congenital anomalies. Common toxins such as pesticides, certain chemicals, radiation, pollution, etc.. In particular, some drugs also has renal toxicity, if improper use may cause kidney damage, these drugs include: kanamycin, gentamicin, sulfonamides, rifampicin, indomethacin, medicine and other traditional Chinese medicine, centipede, strychnos.

5, diet

Perhaps we do not know, bad eating habits may cause a lot of diseases, of course, is also an important factor in the development of cystic disease, development and change.

Among them are:

(1) diet, such as hunger, malnutrition; satiety is easy to damage the spleen and stomach digestion and absorption function and blood circulation disorder; eiofsf is easy to produce heat.

(2) eating unclean, light may cause gastrointestinal diseases, severe poisoning and even life-threatening.

(3) dietetic habits, such as eat cold cold, easily hurt the stomach Yang, eat hot drugs can cause gastrointestinal heat accumulation, have five kinds of preference, for a long time is easy to hurt the viscera. The effects of these dietary habits on the body are obvious. They also directly or indirectly affect the development of cystic diseases. For cystic disease, clinically we emphasize the following aspects, such as pepper, spicy, alcohol, smoking (including passive smoking), chocolate, coffee, fish, shrimp, crab and other "objects"; salty foods, especially pickled; contaminated food such as health food and the rotten leftovers, etc.; barbecue food; in addition, should also limit the animal with high protein and high fat and greasy foods, namely the Feiganhouwei limit; beans and bean products, especially in patients with renal insufficiency should pay more attention to.

6, improper work

Overwork should include three aspects:

(1) the excessive labor, long time excessive force or strenuous exercise is easy to overwork;

(2) excessive labor that worries too, psychological pressure, thought burden;

(3) excessive labor room, that life is not measured, excessive sexual intercourse. These are harmful to health, of course, also affect the change of cystic disease. In addition, over easy, comfortable, i.e. excessive labor, and do not participate in sports is also easy to make the body poor blood causing his disease, is also "long lay gas".

7, emotional factors

Modern medical research has proved that bad mood changes can make the neural and endocrine disorders of the human body, thereby changing the body's internal environment through neurohumoral effects. Abnormal internal environment and the impact on the cyst. And bad mood can also make people's immunity is reduced, which is conducive to the invasion of bacteria and viruses, so as to make the cysts affected. Clinical practice has proved that a lot of bad mood, can make the illness, especially cystic disease, and regulate mood, not sad not impatient, the disease often can be gradually improved.

8, pregnancy

In general, the duration of effect on polycystic kidney disease pregnancy mainly depends on renal function, although there is no evidence of pregnancy will accelerate the polycystic kidney disease, but the number of pregnancy complicated with hypertension and the prognosis is usually bad, and 1/4 of polycystic kidney disease in pregnancy women in new high blood pressure or preexisting hypertension aggravated, so multiple pregnancy would adversely affect prognosis of polycystic kidney disease in women. Of course, here is still normal renal function, such as abnormal kidney function in women with polycystic kidney pregnancy risk is greater.

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