The treatment of kidney disease should be as early as possib

The treatment of kidney disease should be as early as possib

According to the international society of Nephrology survey results show that less than 5% of the world's public understanding of the location and function of the kidney. Correspondingly, there are 500 million people worldwide suffering from varying degrees of chronic kidney disease. But because of renal compensatory function is extremely powerful, even if the kidney has lost more than 50%, kidney patients still may not have any symptoms, and in patients with kidney disease due to the lack of knowledge of prevention and treatment of kidney diseases, wait for the first time to the hospital often found illness has reached an advanced stage. Vice president, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University Department of Nephrology director Professor Yu Xueqing pointed out that China's current population over 40 years of chronic kidney disease prevalence rate reached 9%-10.6%, which, in patients with end-stage renal disease has close to 400 thousand, just one place in Guangdong Province in 27 thousand and 600 patients.

Obvious trend of younger nephropathy

Can be seen from the clinical situation of many hospitals in the country, the incidence of chronic kidney disease presents a younger trend, many patients with uremia age only twenty or thirty years old, the youngest age of only ten years old.

A big reason for the younger trend of kidney disease is that it's too late. There are many reasons can cause kidney disease, other organs of the body lesions, such as suffering from hepatitis B or heart disease, can cause damage to the kidneys, so that the early symptoms of kidney disease is very important. Now some adults suffering from kidney disease disease in children when they have been generated.

Symptoms of kidney disease showed different degrees of fatigue, weakness, Yaoxisuanruan, eyelid edema, even systemic edema and anemia. The key is to see whether he has children hematuria, as well as whether systemic edema. However, although seemingly ubiquitous kidney disease is terrible, but as long as the early detection and treatment, the chance of renal failure will be greatly reduced. To this end, the international society of Nephrology called on people to be "early prevention, early diagnosis, early treatment," such as a simple urine test can be diagnosed every year.

High blood pressure diabetes nephropathy increased

According to experts, chronic kidney disease is not easy to detect, patients with cardiovascular disease incidence than the normal population number ten times, can also cause anemia, bone disease, malnutrition, decreased sexual function etc.. If you do not pay attention to the prevention and treatment of chronic kidney disease early, it will be sexual development, and ultimately the formation of uremia.

In addition, the disease of kidney disease in quietly change. Kidney disease caused by other organ diseases, such as hypertension, kidney disease, diabetes and kidney disease incidence increased. According to the survey, the prevalence of hypertension in Hangzhou was 20%, the prevalence of diabetes in about 5%. This group of people are suffering from kidney disease risk groups".

To cherish peritoneal residual renal function

To have kidney disease patients, especially in patients with end-stage renal disease, to cooperate with the doctor for active treatment, at present, from a clinical point of view, the main method is effective in the treatment of renal failure, uremia, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis is renal transplantation. The so-called "integration of uremia treatment" refers to the course of uremia in different stages of the reasonable arrangement of different according to the characteristics of patients with renal replacement therapy (including hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and renal transplantation), to provide the treatment effect, with the best of the best quality of life and the best survival.

Professor said that in patients with the right to know and the right to choose, the patient should be encouraged to give priority to peritoneal dialysis. One of the most important reasons, professor explained that for patients with Early Uremia, dialysis can effectively protect residual renal function, so that the quality of life of the patients improved. In addition, the dialysis process is more moderate, on the human heart, blood and circulation power has little effect, not easy to various complications and diseases caused by heart disease, there is no cross infection risk, relatively low cost, home care, to return to the society, dietary restrictions are relatively loose.

It is reported that the integration of treatment has become an international trend in the treatment of uremic patients. The world famous kidney specialist professor JohnBurkart, in some developed countries and regions, such as Hongkong, more than 80% of people choose peritoneal dialysis, peritoneal dialysis has become the preferred link in uremic patients with integrated treatment.


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