Successful treatment of renal failure

Successful treatment of renal failure

A hypertension and diabetes patients over 70 years old found that renal dysfunction and proteinuria about eight years ago , two years ago, bradycardia, heart failure and kidney failure twice in the ICU, the suggestion of combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine, exercise prescription drug and diet after two years, achieved good control.

Diabetes in twenty-first Century, can be regarded as the international epidemic, every place in popular, especially in emerging countries. Diabetic patients may cause heart failure, myocardial disease, hypertension and kidney disease, there are many people died of diabetic nephropathy and end-stage renal disease caused by hemodialysis treatment in each year, the disease accounted for more than 1/3 new dialysis patients.

Zhong Xuanguang pointed out that the symptoms of heart failure (1) cannot lie easy breathing difficulties, can only adopt a posture (2) cough up sputum blood bubbles (3) easy to anxiety and restlessness, nausea and loss of appetite (4) fullness (5) lower extremity edema and pulmonary edema. The diagnosis of heart failure include: clinical symptoms, chest X light, electrocardiogram and echocardiography. To prevent heart failure, first of all to prevent recurrence, solutions are as follows: (1) we should control blood pressure and aspirin and diuretics; (2) prohibit smoking, weight loss and exercise; (3) are prohibited from drinking.

Some patients with severe heart failure due to severe edema do not rely on hemodialysis to remove excess water. These patients with end-stage renal disease to maintain its life, regardless of the weather must be every Tuesday to three times to accept hemodialysis dialysis units. If can effectively delay the deterioration of heart and kidney, patients will be from every Tuesday to three times dialysis and can improve the quality of life of patients with pain.

Taipei City Hospital of Yangming School District Department of Nephrology for a more than and 70 year old more than 10 years history of hypertension, diabetes, about eight years ago found that renal dysfunction and proteinuria, two years ago, bradycardia, heart failure and kidney failure, and twice in the ICU, designed by drugs, diet and exercise plan summary success, improve diabetes, heart failure, kidney failure and edema, and these two years are no longer hospitalization, and patients from dialysis problems.

1, drug programs include: diabetes drugs, antihypertensive drugs, heart failure drugs, kidney protection drugs and diuretics.

2, the diet plan includes: low protein, low phosphorus, low potassium, low salt and appropriate calories.

3, sports programs include: simple tail fists hit each movement. To help the wall vertical movement.

(1) a simple tail fists hit each movement:

A, relax, his hand clenched hands, shoulder width apart than half times, and shoulder height, shoulder slightly raised, slightly close to the scapula;

B, with slightly forced to two cm before the center line of milk 30-40, click each fist. From the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine, boxing caudomedially hand Shaoyin journey through, when fists strike each other can stimulate the tail heart circulation path (A) from the heart (B) from the axilla (C) to the elbow (D) Di Zhangzhong (E) into the little finger. While the exercise can be contracted (lower) pectoralis major and serratus anterior muscle, can improve the local chest circulation, cardiopulmonary circulation.

(2) to help the wall vertical movement:

A, relax on tiptoe away from the wall about 20-30 cm; palms up and shoulder high shoulder half times, flat against the wall;

B, chest to the wall by the head to the side to slightly upward look. From the theory of meridian system, vertical wall to stimulate the Feishu (bladder; location: third thoracic spinous process, opening 1 du. 5 inches), and can improve lung function, lung is gold, gold water, water is the kidney, can improve the renal circulation, and can be diuretic. Move a retractable (median) trapezius, rhomboideus major, can improve pulmonary circulation, pulmonary circulation.

Zhong Xuanguang said, with heart kidney failure in renal function improved by 16.7 ml per minute up to 21.6 ml per minute (normal is 90 mL per minute or more); urine protein decreased by day loss of 0.936 gram to 0.198 grams per day loss of protein in the urine (normal value for every loss below 0.15 grams), a full five times many will delay must accept hemodialysis treatment duration.

The left ventricular ejection fraction increased from 55% to 67%: progress - profile reduced from 0.7 to 0.57 ratio, reduce the high blood pressure, diabetes medication; do not need medication, less diuretic use can completely control the edema, and feel comfortable feeling all symptoms were improved.


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