Those who struggle with kidney disease

Those who struggle with kidney disease

Every year the second Thursday of March is " World Kidney Day",  defined by the international society of Nephrology and the International Federation of kidney disease ,this year is the sixth "World Kidney Day", the theme is to arouse the people around the world for chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease related.

The two kidneys of the human body can not only remove the toxins produced by the metabolism of the human body, but also play an important role in regulating the body's water and electrolyte acid-base balance. There are no obvious symptoms of early kidney disease, some young people are not regular life, elite crowd over entertainment, are likely to suffer from varying degrees of kidney disease. China's 1 billion 300 million population, there are nearly 100 million of patients with kidney disease, and the actual know their illness and treatment rarely.

General Hospital of Chengdu Military Region has the largest blood purification center in Sichuan, can be admitted to nearly 400 long-term dialysis patients with uremia. Uremia is the result of worsening of kidney disease, an ordinary uremic patients, dialysis at least three times a week. Due to insufficient kidney, fewer than ten percent of patients with uremia kidney transplant surgery, most patients suffering from the disease.

Story 1

A couple of difficult couples

26 year old Shuai Rong was diagnosed with uremia two years ago, when a child left leg amputation, disability, she worked in a welfare factory. Every Tuesday, four, six, the same disabled husband with a car battery to the military general hospital for dialysis. Shuai Rong has been a symptom of anemia, over the years did not find the reason, in an examination, was found to be the normal value of creatinine, which diagnosed uremia. The price of each hemodialysis in 400 yuan, three times a week, for the disabled couple is very difficult. In uremic patients without kidney dialysis machines instead of work, the body will soon be unable to dispel excessive toxins and decay. Lying in the bed of the handsome Rong, picked up his 1 year old son, tears in the eyes of the spin, she worried that he might be unable to afford the high medical bills and leave.

Chen Zhu, Minister of health on the two sessions this year, should be included in a serious illness uremia pilot, and called for health care reform concerns such vulnerable groups.

Story 2

Lei Feng mother-in-law optimistic life

Compared with Shuai Rong, who lives in Qingbaijiang, 76 year old Li Yunlian is better, because the purchase of health insurance, the cost of each dialysis reimbursement. Before the illness, her every Friday to the nursing home for the elderly free Pedicure, this also got the title of "lady Lei Feng". A year ago, Li Popo was diagnosed with uremia, because of health reasons, she couldn't go to far away home services for the elderly. Though she is not idle down, every Monday, three, five in the afternoon, when not doing dialysis, his wife was with an electric tricycle with a big square, she went to Qingbaijiang for the elderly free Pedicure.

"Get this disease, one day live a day, I want to use every day to help others, I'm not tired." Every time his wife distressed her, Li Popo answer. To do dialysis, Li Popo also often went to persuade those who despair of life.

Zhou Zhou, a doctor at the General Hospital of PLA General Hospital, said that the main causes of chronic kidney disease are nephritis, hypertension, diabetes and so on.


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