Foreign 10 year old nephropathy girl in Tongshantang

Foreign 10 year old nephropathy girl in Tongshantang

The ten year old Diana from Almaty City, Kazakhstan, in the fetal period for mother Jane beauty by cytomegalovirus infection, resulting in birth or developmental abnormalities, facial asymmetry, especially in the left eye, almost no pupil, the left index finger was born without nails. When she was three years old, because of serious hydronephrosis in the right kidney, do a resection; at the age of nine, left kidney was examined with chronic nephritis, this year has developed into chronic renal failure, to the uremia period.

What a dream of a little girl with such a bumpy fate? On the same day, the reporter approached this pair of exotic mother and daughter, listening to them about the experience of transnational love in china".

Love from all walks of life to help "little angel" struggle with the bumpy fate

According to Diana's mother Jane beauty pull, because the family's misfortune, she and her husband porced, alone with her daughter around the doctor, she didn't have a stable job, mainly rely on odd jobs to do housework to add some meager income, not only to cure his daughter, but also for his son to college, has owed nearly $100 thousand because of the long-term debt, Diana in the China hospital treatment, had to interrupt their studies.

According to the Tongshantang kidney disease hospital international director Liu Pan introduced by Diana young, at the age of 3 and resection of the right kidney, left kidney disease now enters uremia period, in foreign countries long-term acceptance of Western medicine treatment, admission body serious overdraft situation is not optimistic. Taking into account the overall situation of the child, after consultation with experts to develop a traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, supplemented by the treatment program, after the removal of systemic blood toxin therapy, the child's condition has stabilized."

In the conversation, Liu Pan told reporters, Diana for the first time in the hospital, due to economic difficulties in the delivery of medical expenses is finished, the hospital did not inform Jane beauty fee, there is no interruption of drugs, but choose to continue treatment for Diana.

This is the second time to the hospital for treatment, but also because of economic reasons, has been in arrears of nearly $30 thousand of medical expenses, but the hospital is still doing treatment for Diana, never urged her to pay." Liu Pan said that this is an attitude of the Chinese people in need of help, regardless of country, race, is a responsibility.

Jane beauty said, Diana misfortune has been Kazakhstan television reported, was reported at home and abroad has aroused great concern from all walks of life, many shopping malls in front of all spontaneous for Diana set up a donation box, "you give us donated medical expenses, back to Diana sent a lot of beautiful clothes, a lot of toys. We encourage people to be strong, can get so many people believe that Diana wishes to be strangers to each other, will be better."

"Little angel" dream: to be a beautiful nurse

Diana, ten years old, due to malnutrition height of only 118CM, weight is only about more than and 20 kg. In order to allow her to recover as soon as possible, the hospital's medical staff to take the initiative to take up their three meals a day, especially Diana's nutritious meals, the doctor every day in exchange for a meal with a pattern.

Nurse Yan Zi said, Diana's love is also very clever, eintopf dumplings, learned a lot of chinese.

Hear the "Chinese" two words, naive Diana can not help but use fluent Chinese to reporters "show off": "China", "Yan", "hello", "Uncle", "ear"

Reporters learned that CP patients no matter who will be invited to Diana's birthday, hope and dream together blow out the candles, one month after Diana had 6 birthday, every wish is to "grow up I want to be a nurse, patient care, take care of my mother".

Jane talked about her daughter's dream, beauty of saying, "I am very sad, also very proud of her previous desire is like a toy, want to travel and so on. Now that she has grown up, it is not easy to know her mother, and I know that there are many good people with different skin color to help us."

With the "Chinese mother" agreed to Kazakhstan ten years later

Now Diana eyes every day, didn't wash will go to the Nurses'Station for nurse Yan Zi, Zi Yan request to teach Chinese, do eintopf dumplings, will wear the cheongsam everywhere and send Yan Zi photo.

"Diana is a young age, suffering more than adults, she is very strong, will wipe tears to her mother, make her mother happy, but also to teach her mother to learn chinese." Yan said that she had put Diana as his daughter to take care of.

See Yan Zi will take care of yourself, Diana said "China Yan posture mother", and invited Yan posture after ten years to bring their children to Kazakhstan.

At that time Diana should become a nurse's dream, I can help you with the children, if you like, I can put the children to stay in Kazakhstan, his mother Kazakhstan, she taught English, russian." Jane beauty holding the hand of Yan said.

Look at the daily alive and kicking daughter, thought her daughter's condition, the economic situation at home, Jane beauty often a person in tears in front of her ward, but never showed a little helpless. Jane beauty said, as a mother, she is the biggest wish of Diana as quickly as possible, "I believe China doctor can help us, also believe that the daughter will be better, because there is too much love in this world and give us strength."

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