"Net insect" alert nephritis

"Net insect" alert nephritis

"Net insect" alert nephritis 

Within the human body is an organic whole, the body environment is synchronous with the environment, coordination and balance. Body temperature, pulse, blood pressure have a circadian rhythm, continue to stay up late disrupts biorhythms, not only cause insomnia, but also results in the decrease of the immune function and trigger or worsen a variety of diseases. 

Typical case: 

Wang gang, 18, found in the conscription examination ended had nephritis, the hospital treatment, better soon. Deserves attention is that in the conscription examination, Beijing Tongshantang kidney disease hospital medical station found urine contains proteins or red blood cell is 27 people, accounting for 5% of the total number of physical examination. Investigate its reason, mostly because of the Internet, stay up late to improper way of life. 

Since in high school, wang gang was infatuated with the Internet, sometimes don't sleep all night long. In order to refresh, he learned to smoke and drink again. Surfing the Internet for a long time to make strong wang gang excessive fatigue and bad living habits, led him to glomerular immune system function disorder, had nephritis. 

Tongshantang kidney disease hospital doctors said, wang gang fortunately, early detection of disease, and to get timely treatment and recovery. But there are a lot of patients after failing to found kidney disease early, when to go to a doctor, has developed into uremia. Director wu to remind young people, must form a good way of life, pay attention to exercise, avoid diseases. 

"Net insect" netease on the night of nephritis, so "net insect" wary of nephritis. 

Warm remind a: 

Induced by the seven elements of uremia 

A, 15% of hypertensive patients directly into uremia. In China in 1998, hypertensive patients accounted for 10% of the population, that is to say, one in every ten people in patients with high blood pressure, including 1.5 inpiduals will be uremia patients. 

2, 30% of people with diabetes, direct outcome is uremia diabetes. Recent statistics show that, in our country, currently there are 43.2 million people with diabetes, decreased glucose tolerance, 50.64 million, the sum of the two for 93.84 million. That is to say, about 13 million uremia patients just because diabetes in our country, and more than 1500 uremia high-risk groups. 

Third, the kidney disease is a major cause of uremia, all the ultimate outcome of chronic kidney disease will be uremia. Which is the primary reason, chronic nephritis in cause uremia disease, chronic glomerulonephritis (55.7%). 

Four, urinary tract infection or urinary tract infection. According to the statistics, our country the incidence of male urinary infection was 0.23%, 2.37% for women. Men, women and children all can come on, especially in the married women of childbearing age is common, in our country, chronic pyelonephritis is the second factor in uremia, accounting for 21.2%. 

Five, the drug caused different degrees of side effects. Research shows that about 25% of the patients with renal failure associated with the renal toxicity of drugs. 

Sixth, is associated with age. As the growth of the age, the structure and function of the kidney are obvious degenerative change. Under normal circumstances, the human kidney has a strong compensatory function, kidney function loss of 50% when, can also maintain the normal life activities of the human body, such as after excision of a kidney, people also can live healthy. As the growth of the age, the body's loss reserve function gradually weakened and even, in the case of no additional burden, kidney function can meet the needs of human life activities, but without the ability to cope with unexpected injury and disease. 

Seven, HIV infection caused by uremia is on the rise. The reason for this is now account for 1% of uremia inducement. 

Warm reminder 2: 

Long-term stay up late remind "net insect" 

When using computer, in front of the monitor is equipped with best quality good radiation protection screen. Pay attention to take into consideration the eat some carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean lean, animal liver rich in vitamin A, C and protein food, often drink green tea and so on. 

Eat some food are good for the eyes, such as eggs, fish, cod liver oil, carrots, spinach, sweet potato, pumpkin, wolfberry fruit, chrysanthemum, sesame, radish, animal liver, etc. 

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