Uremia high creatinine inspection methods and treatment meas

Uremia high creatinine inspection methods and treatment meas

Uremia high creatinine inspection methods and treatment measures 

Any disease as long as we pay attention to daily life, will be able to stay away from. The emphasis is on the patient's healing and cure method. In order to better away from the side effects of kidney disease, should effect a radical cure correctly. Patients with friends, of course, not grasping, should increase their own condition, do more harm than good. Hebei kidney disease treatment of kidney disease expert advice: first to determine their own illness condition, then to suit the cure and recuperate. 

Uremia performance see more high creatinine have appetite disappear, insensitive, emotional indifference, lethargy, urine volume change, face and leg edema, anemia, itchy skin ulcers, muscle spasm, etc. Specific uremia high creatinine details to listen to my web site under the kidney disease hospital kidney doctor's explanation: 

Anorexia, the waist is not complain, later showed nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, mouth has urine smell and oral mucosa canker, even with the digestive tract hemorrhage, etc. 

Heart failure, mental disorder, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, mouth smell of ammonia, the gum often inflammation, oral mucosa has been ulcerated bleeding, and cannot be stopped. Patients lethargy, convulsions and coma. Bloating pain, edema, recumbent, facial, gray is in a coma for such serious situation, life-threatening. 


Blood dialysis uremia patients high creatinine is frequently used during the onset of a kind of treatment method, have positive healing efficacy. Hemodialysis is through puncture vein fistula or vein intubation, will lead to in vitro blood, import the dialyzer of dialysis machine, interval of dialysis membrane and dialysate exchange blood metabolites, discharge the toxin inside body. 

Peritoneal dialysis 

Peritoneal dialysis is also cannot ignore a focus on treatment, the patient to reduce the side effect of uremia high creatinine which has the very big positive significance. This is buy a catheter in the abdominal cavity, the abdomen dialysis fluid into the abdominal cavity, by a semipermeable membrane properties of peritoneum, and to drain the blood fluid exchange contents between discharge toxins in the body. 

Uremia creatinine is high the patient's diet 

1, the manipulation of the potassium high food products. For patients with less urine output, high potassium, diet should be strict control high potassium foods, such as pear, banana, etc. With severe high blood pressure, edema, or patients with higher serum sodium, sodium should control access. 

2, diet is key. Theory of traditional Chinese medicine think that medical food therapy, diet can cure uremia high creatinine, uremia patients high creatinine diet aftercare focus all the more. 

3, eat the food with high fiber. Food fiber content rich potato, whole grains, as well as vegetables, fruits and nuts. 

My website belonging to the kidney disease hospital actively response to the ministry of health "to have a good faith, high management level of hospital as soon as possible come in", strictly carry out the tenet of high level requirements, continuous self-improvement, self-improvement, in all respects in accordance with the requirements of the designated hospitals cases, access to health care in hebei province were designated hospitals. 

My website belong to kidney disease hospital, kidney disease expert team upholds good dialectical treatment, pay attention to the flexibility to heal, the diagnosis and treatment with innovation, prescription has distinguishing feature. From the etiology of traditional Chinese medicine is summarized, etiopathogenesis, aftercare methods such as excellent wisdom, combined with modern medical technology, comprehensive cure all kinds of kidney disease, has a course to know, see the advantages of fast curative effect 

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