How can you prevent uremia in your life?

How can you prevent uremia in your life?

Watch your diet

We should protect our kidneys, according to the Chinese medicine point of view, black food into the kidney, is good for the kidney, so in the usual diet we can appropriate increase in the number of black food, such as: black sesame, black beans, and some kidney health foods, such as chestnut, longan and medlar. Can also use some appropriate animal kidneys, such as kidney, Yang Yao, is good for the kidney. In addition, salty taste will also enter the kidney, so try not to eat too salty food, so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys. You can also strengthen your kidney by doing some exercises, such as eight stages of Tai Chi, Tai Chi and so on. If there is a fatigue easy, easy fatigue, night sweating and other symptoms, suggest timely treatment, conditioning by traditional Chinese medicine.

Work and rest rule

Because life is not the law, do not get enough sleep, overeating, excessive debauchery, and excessive, can reduce the body's resistance to external evil, increasing the chance of disease. Therefore, daily life, should work and rest, regular work and rest, in order to maintain the balance of yin and Yang, Qi and blood circulation.

Avoid infection as much as possible

In life we should avoid contact with the source of infection, such as pesticides, car exhaust, paint, building and household cleaners, and when the body inflammation occurs, patients should be treated actively, the only way to strengthen the treatment work.

Healthy and optimistic attitude

People with nephritis, congenital diathesis, should be alert to the occurrence of nephritis, but also can not be pessimistic, but should eliminate the panic of the disease, from parents and relatives to learn from the development of the disease, and actively prevent. In addition to normal physical training should be strengthened, kidney Yin can often take Rehmannia six, with tonifying kidney, solid escort table, to prevent the evil outside attack induced nephritis disease.

Urinary calculi not to neglect, should be regularly (every 3~6 months) follow-up time

In particular, although the stone does not hurt, but may have caused chronic hydronephrosis, remember also "fossil grass" stone invalid. Prevention of these uremia is more common.

Replenish plenty of water

For patients, should maintain adequate body water, when the body appears thirsty, should be appropriate drinking water, must not drink too much.

Prevent infection

The occurrence of nephritis associated with upper respiratory tract infection, often outside by the cold, wind heat, wind dampness, damp heat, heat pathogen was due. Therefore, to prevent the incidence of nephritis, we should pay attention to the change of cold and warm weather, should avoid rainy days out, avoid sweating when the wind in the rain, wading, wearing wet clothes, alert to external evil invasion.

Do not fear 

The skin boils prurigo, upper respiratory tract infection, recurrent tonsillitis, nephritis may have occurred. Therefore, early treatment is very necessary. Keep the lower Yin clean, frequently change underwear, can prevent urinary tract infection; keep stool unobstructed, regular defecation, is conducive to the elimination of metabolic waste.

Any kidney disease can not be ignored and delayed medical treatment because any persistent deterioration of kidney disease can become uremia. This also belongs to the precautionary measure of uremia.

If you have a bleeding or frothy lather, you may need to seek medical attention immediately, or even have a kidney biopsy. This is one of the prevention methods of uremia.

Careful use of nephrotoxic drugs

Aminoglycoside antibiotics such as gentamicin, kanamycin, streptomycin, amikacin, polymyxin, tetracycline, vancomycin and amphotericin B, first in 2 other antibiotics, have certain renal toxicity, or easy to cause kidney damage, so try not to.

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