The treatment of patients with IgA nephropathy

The treatment of patients with IgA nephropathy

The treatment of patients with IgA nephropathy 

The treatment of patients with IgA nephropathy myth have? How to treat? A lot of people because impatient want to cure disease, early results into the error of treatment 

Area, delay the disease, the treatment of IgA nephropathy myth have those? 

A, limotherapy can protect renal function 

Due to some patients misunderstanding of animal protein, some patients take "starving". In fact this is also a kind of wrong. Due to the 

For food and animal protein is limited by too much, the patient often malnutrition, plus therapy "hungry", is adding to the malnutrition, 

Cause the loss of the body's resistance to anemia and hypoalbuminemia, etc., and easy to merge infection, aggravating illness, cause kidney failure. 

Second, drink more bone soup "can calcium and physical 

The lga kidney patients should pay attention to the scientific and reasonable diet, not blindly. In patients with weak constitution with more calcium and phosphorus metabolism 

Often, characterized by low calcium hyperphosphatemia. Due to the affected patients with gastrointestinal function and hyperparathyroidism, reduce in intestinal calcium absorption 

, nephritis patients often characterized by low calcium. At the same time, due to the row of phosphorus decreased, and the endocrine disorder, so patients have high phosphorus condition. Bone soup 

Contains more phosphorus, drink bone soup intake of a large number of phosphorus, cause the accumulation of phosphorus in the body, increased hyperphosphatemia 

Third, don't eat salt or salt with autumn stone generation 

Limit salt on high blood pressure, edema, oliguria of chronic nephritis, renal failure patients is necessary, but doesn't mean don't eat salt, salt limited unless height edema 

Must be strictly limited salt even water, generally should adopt a low salt diet. Chronic nephritis patients on salt intake, therefore, should by the doctor according to specific situation 

And decide, excessive fear of salt is not necessary, and some patients with autumn stone instead of salt is not desirable. Qiu shi qiu shi, a light and salt qiu shi, a pale 

Autumn stone is the main component of white and salt, also useful among white, the autumn dew and gypsum processing, qiu shi, a salty ingredient such as salt 

, so there is no scientific reason using the autumn stone instead of salt. 

Four, a vegetarian diet does not contain proteins 

The lga kidney patients should emphasize low levels of high quality protein food, some patients think that vegetarian food does not contain protein, vegetarian for a long time, this is for food protein 

The misunderstanding. Concerned expert thinks: food protein comes from two aspects of plant protein and animal protein, although the majority of plant protein content 

Relatively low animal protein content, but of staple food such as rice, flour, protein content in 8%, 9%, beans and soy protein 

Can reach more than 20%, due to less plant protein contains essential amino acids, and high potassium, therefore not suitable for chronic renal failure patients. 

Understand the mistakes in the treatment of IgA nephropathy, we should avoid such as these misconceptions. 

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