To cure Nephrotic syndrome: prevention of recurrence is the

To cure Nephrotic syndrome: prevention of recurrence is the

Nephrotic syndrome relapse rate is much higher than other nephropathy, resulting in the recurrence of the disease for many reasons, patients are more worried about this issue, the following experts to find out how to effectively identify the causes and prevent recurrence.

Some patients do not strictly follow the doctor's orders, taking a meal contiuously, the randomness is too large; some patients over-considered drug side effects, lack of treatment will be their own drug reduction, or even withdrawal; some feel sick in the body, Should be "nourishing vitality," diet excessive intake of protein; while others are living intemperance, fatigue, eating unclean, do not pay attention to change clothes, three days and two diarrhea, cold and so on. These are the most common causes of nephrotic syndrome.

After realizing these reasons, the problem of how to prevent relapse is also solved.

The first step should be closely with the doctor diagnosis and treatment, as soon as possible a clear diagnosis. Patients may be eligible for renal biopsy, determine the nature of the disease from the cellular structure level, and then develop targeted treatment options.

The second step in the development of programs, patients have to do is strictly follow the doctor's advice. Medication must be taken by dose, taking the cycle to achieve the doctor's course of treatment; regular out-patient follow-up, follow the advice of the doctor to adjust medication. Especially when the amount of prednisone 20 to 25 mg per day, the chances of repeated illness more. Do not panic after the relapse, and quickly contact with the doctor, according to the condition adjustment program, often can regain ease. Nephropathy is relatively long course of treatment, prolonged treatment is easy to make some patients slackenness, therefore emphasizing "compliance with doctor's advice, regular follow-up" is particularly important for reducing recurrence.

The third step is to actively deal with infection. Large amounts of protein in the kidney of patients with renal fluid loss from the urine, the loss of material, including the composition of our immune defense important components, such as immunoglobulin, complement and so on. At the same time the decline in white blood cell function, zinc and other trace elements are also lost. These have seriously weakened the body's resistance to pathogenic factors outside the body.

In the treatment, often used to glucocorticoids, cytotoxic drugs and other immunosuppressive agents, which for the patients already weak immunological defense, is tantamount to worse. Therefore, patients with kidney disease prone to infection, including respiratory infections, intestinal infections, peritonitis, pleurisy, subcutaneous soft tissue infections.

In the event of infection, care should be taken to grasp two principles: positive and careful, and at the same time seek medical attention.

Patients should be positive in treatment attitude. Because patients are not only prone to infection, but also easy to spread infection. Active treatment early, can eradicate the infection in the bud.

In addition, patients should also strengthen their own health, appropriate exercise, enhance physical fitness.

Therefore, patients with kidney disease and infection, even if it is a small cold should go to the hospital to see a doctor, under the guidance of a doctor is a good policy.

Read the above introduction, I hope can be helpful to you, if you have any questions about kidney disease need to understand in detail, you can consult our online experts, our experts will reply you as soon as possible.


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