Chronic kidney disease Hurt you in the silence

Chronic kidney disease Hurt you in the silence

Chronic kidney disease Hurt you in the silence 

Experts: kidney disease is a silent killer 

A cold overfatigue easily induced kidney disease experts advocate checked once a year 

Either to work day and night, to have a drink water too busy to helping himself, or endless entertainment, eating and drinking... This is nowadays a lot of office worker working state of life, they put the kidneys slowly "tired" is broken. 

Chronic kidney disease incidence by 10% 

Xiao Yang, 26, is a software engineer, how he imagined he could also suffer from uremia. Kidney disease in a hospital center, like xiao Yang at a young age, they need a kidney transplant by uremia some four or five cases. 

Hospital kidney disease center director professor Chen jianghua -- tells a reporter, the epidemiological investigation showed that the incidence of chronic kidney disease was 10%, including 0, 1% of end-stage renal disease uremia, which means that the 10 adults, some people with chronic kidney disease. 

Unfortunately, due to the insufficient recognition of early prevention and control of the majority of kidney disease, often dragged into uremia. 

To do routine urine examination found signal 

If you wake up eyelid edema, lumbar acid, then you should raise alarms, probably because it is the signal of early nephropathy. 

Despite the early symptoms of kidney disease is not obvious, but if the "feeling", still can find some, such as urine red, long time urinate more bubbles and foam; Limbs, face, body skin more red dots or lupus; Limb joints; Such as a fever. 

If you have the above symptoms, then went to the hospital to do a routine urine examination, only 10 yuan, if abnormal, routine urine should be under the guidance of a doctor for further examination, such as kidney, kidney B to wait. 

If there is a whole body dropsy, reduced the volume of urine, nocturia increased, blurred vision, pale lips, and so on, explain the illness is more serious, but not to the most advanced, is still time to go to hospital for treatment as soon as possible. 

Stay away from the unhealthy way of life 

The cause that causes kidney disease has a lot of, in addition to the primary glomerulonephritis, speed up the pace of modern life, overwork, drug abuse and an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, etc., is increasingly becoming the kidney "killer". 

Some people, because of work busy, President of the time a full bladder, or simply do not drink water all day long, which can lead to urinary tract infection and acute pyelonephritis, repeated attacks can lead to chronic infection, and may also be developed into uremia. And clinical common kidney stones and kidney seeper, etc., are closely related and long time without water. 

Alarming is that drug abuse cause kidney damage in recent years also show clear rising trend. About 25% of the patients with renal failure and associated with renal toxicity of drugs. As a common medicine in anti-inflammatory painkillers (including some cold medicine, medicine called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesic), indomethacin, ibuprofen, bute, anti-inflammatory pain xi kang, aspirin, acetaminophen, etc., in large doses can cause long-term or renal insufficiency. 

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