Effective treatment for diabetes mellitus

Effective treatment for diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a common endocrine metabolic disease. This disease is not uncommon in life, there are many people suffering from diabetes and vexed, then what are the ways to cure this common disease?. The following will introduce the treatment of diabetes in detail, we hope to help you.

Diet treatment

It is the first step in the basic treatment of various types of diabetes. The principle of dietary therapy is to control total calories and weight. Reduce the amount of fat in food, especially saturated fatty acids, increase the amount of fiber in your diet and make a reasonable proportion of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in your diet. Control the total energy intake of the diet, rationally and evenly distribute various nutrients. The goal of losing weight in overweight / obese patients is to lose weight by over a period of 3-6 months. Lean patients should be restored through a balanced nutrition program and maintain an ideal weight for a long time.

Fat: the fat in the diet provides no more than 30% of the total energy, and the intake of saturated fatty acids is not more than 10% of the total energy. Cholesterol intake in foods

Carbohydrates: the energy supplied by carbohydrates in the diet should be 50%-60% of the total energy. Foods should be rich in dietary fiber.

Protein: normal renal function, recommended protein intake accounted for 10%-15% of the total energy, protein intake of patients with dominant proteinuria

Drinking: do not recommend diabetic drinking. No more than 1-2 copies per day. The standard quantity is beer 350ml, red wine 150ml or low alcohol 45ml, about 15g alcohol each

Salt: salt intake limit within 6G per day, high blood pressure patients should strictly limit intake.

Exercise therapy

It's also one of the basic treatments for diabetes. According to the actual situation of the patient, the choice of sports, appropriate capabilities, step by step, your support. The mode of exercise, intensity and frequency should be determined according to the actual situation of the patient. Moderate intensity aerobic exercises are recommended, such as brisk walking, Tai Chi, cycling, golf and gardening, and exercise for at least 150 minutes a week. When the blood sugar, 14-16mmol/L, obvious hypoglycemia or blood sugar fluctuation, diabetes, acute metabolic complications, and all kinds of heart, kidney and other organs, severe chronic complications are not suitable for exercise.

Quit smoking

Smoking is harmful to health, especially in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus with high risk of macrovascular complications. Every smoker who smokes should be admonished to stop smoking, which is one of the important parts of lifestyle intervention.


Oral antidiabetic drugs

According to the different mechanisms of action, they are pided into insulin secretion agents, sulfonylureas, Nateglinide, guanidine, thiazolidinediones, two insulin sensitizing agents, alpha glucosidase inhibitors, two base peptidase, -VIDPP-VI inhibitors, etc.. Drug selection should be based on two major pathophysiological changes of type 2 diabetes mellitus: insulin resistance and impaired insulin secretion. In addition, the characteristics of blood glucose fluctuation, age, weight, function of important organs are important factors to be taken into consideration when choosing drugs. Combination of drugs should be used to improve the efficacy and reduce the incidence of adverse reactions.

Surgical treatment of diabetes mellitus

In 2010, the guidelines for the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes in China recommended laparoscopic bariatric surgery (III). There were 2 main types of surgery: 1 adjustable gastric banding. 2 gastric bypass. The indications for surgery are obese patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and meet the following conditions: 1BMI = 35kg/m2, the patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus; 2BMI 32-34.9kg/m2, patients with type 2 diabetes, combined with insulin after oral medication for 6 months or more than 7% HbA1c; 3 aged 18-60; type 42 diabetes duration of 5 years or less; determination 5 islet autoantibodies negative, C peptide level not less than 0.3mg/L; no other contraindications 6 abdominal surgery.

Through this article, I believe we have more confidence in the cure of diabetes, the development of modern medicine and the treatment of diseases is various, hope that people with diabetes have actively receiving treatment, as long as the patient adherence to treatment, I believe that one day will be able to heal.

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