Four stages of treatment of pediatric nephropathy

Four stages of treatment of pediatric nephropathy

Infection in children with nephrotic syndrome

The incidence of nephrotic syndrome in children is high, which is related to the abnormity of immune suppression factor, the decrease of immunoglobulin G and immunoglobulin A, and long-term application

Hormone induced immune dysfunction. The author of many years of clinical observation found that the treatment of kidney in the treatment of 1 children infected with the disease accounted for 56%, accounting for more than 2 infections

24%. Almost all of the children infected with kidney disease or illness, indicating that prevention and control of infection is very important. Infection should be promptly applied

Sensitive, potent, non nephrotoxic antibiotic therapy and supportive therapy. Chinese medicine believes that the kidney qi deficiency in children with pulmonary Qi deficiency is often sparse, barriers,

To feel the evils of colds, bronchitis, disease complicated with respiratory tract infection, tonsillitis. Treatment should be tonifying the lung and strengthening the table, the author used the Yuping wind

Powder, 10 g each time, 3 times a day, or by Yuping Feng powder (Astragalus, Atractylodes, parsnip) Decoction orally, has better effect in the prevention of infection.

"Source." said: "water water disease disease, kidney and spleen asthenia by it". So pay attention to the lung, spleen, kidney three dirty, the application of Yiqi solid table, spleen line

Water, pulp and other methods of Tonifying the kidney, can achieve "keep healthy, to consolidate the effect of prevention of infection do not be evil".

Disturbance of water electrolyte metabolism in children with nephrotic syndrome

Kidney in common in children with low sodium, low calcium and potassium, the incidence of hyponatremia is particularly high. When swelling is severe, and there is fatigue, lethargy, and decreased blood pressure

Symptoms, attention should be paid to the possibility of hyponatremia. The author believes that when the edema is obvious, the need for low salt diet and the use of diuretics

Because of the role of hormone itself does not claim to use diuretics, and the application of traditional Chinese medicine Jianpi water, not only to achieve the purpose of water, but also to prevent water electrolyte metabolism disorders

. Clinical, patients can choose the type of Feng Shui mahuanglianqiaochixiaodou Decoction; spleen deficiency and dampness type can choose four gentleman Tang He five PI Decoction; spleen kidney yang deficiency type

Selection of Zhenwu decoction. Edema subsided, should be changed to a low salt diet for food. The long-term use of diuretics may cause hypocalcemia and hypocalcemia, duration

Long and often insufficient calcium intake, to guide the timely detection of biochemical items of calcium.

Hypercoagulable state in children with nephrotic syndrome

The kidney synthesis in children because of hyperlipidemia, antithrombin deficiency, blood coagulation factors fibrinogen, corticosteroids, diuretics, blood lead was high

Coagulation state, prone to arteriovenous embolism, brain, lung and myocardial infarction, but also decreased renal function. There are no obvious symptoms in the early stage of the disease

Monitor prothrombin time, clotting time and so on. The author often uses the blood circulation to remove stasis drugs to prevent the hypercoagulable state. When the hypercoagulable state hair

When appropriate, the use of heparin and other drugs. Combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine can reduce the adverse reactions in the treatment, Chinese medicine treatment of hypercoagulable state curative effect affirmation, side effects


Changes of renal function in children with nephrotic syndrome

In the early stage of renal disease and the recurrence, the creatinine clearance rate was low, and the urea nitrogen and creatinine increased temporarily, which was more than 2 times

It is still obvious that renal function should be considered to control the intake of protein in the diet. The combination of amino acids and low phosphorus diet can reduce the glomerular perfusion

High pressure and high filtration state. Then you can use angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, such as captopril, Renitec treatment etc.. Traditional Chinese medicine can choose large bowl

Rhubarb retention enema.

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