What should be paid attention for chronic kidney disease pat

What should be paid attention for chronic kidney disease pat

According to the principles of nutrition treatment diet program

Carefully ask the patient recently eating, the main problems are as follows: the diet appetite is low, total energy intake; source of protein grain, high-quality protein and too little; the lack of relevant knowledge of diet kidney disease, food selection is not reasonable.

Combined with the height and weight, activity level, disease situation, develop high quality low protein diet calories for the given dietary guidance, combined with clinical a-ketoacid therapy.

To determine the nutritional intake according to the patient's condition, to determine the protein 0.6g/ (kg), the total protein of about 0.6 * 55=33g, of which high-quality protein >50%. The heat is 30kcal/ (kg day), the total energy of all day long is about 30 * 55=1650kcal, the protein for energy is less than or equal to 10%, 25% to 30% of energy from fat, carbohydrates for 60% ~ 65%. Replace the staple food with wheat starch, encourage patients to try dairy products, 1 eggs / day, vegetables and fruits food intake of 400 ~ 500g/ days to ensure adequate intake of vitamins and dietary fiber, salt from 3 to 4g/.

Type and quantity of food according to the above principles to determine the main types and quantity of the staple food: 200 ~ 250g, 100g meat, eggs and dairy products 50g, 200g, 500g fruits and vegetables, cooking oil and salt in 30 ~ 40g, 3 ~ 4G.

All day energy supply was about 1650kcal, protein energy supply accounted for 8%, carbohydrate energy supply accounted for 62%, fat supply accounted for 30%.

The nutritional therapy and dietary guidance on the progression of chronic renal insufficiency, the main principles of diet, food choices, cooking methods, main nutritional components of common food; and encourage patients to eat, improve eating habits, instruct patients in strict accordance with the diet, regular visits. List the protein content of common foods, see table 3.

Nutritional treatment outcome

Patients and their families to understand the nutrition of chronic. Renal insufficiency benefits, willing to accept the diet treatment compliance is good, the diet knowledge increased, can reasonably choose the food, in accordance with the basic recipe principle to arrange daily dietary salt intake is reduced to about 3g/ days, increased food intake and body weight of 56kg at present, the condition is stable.

Analysis of disease and nutritional therapy

Chronic renal failure (CRF) is a common clinical syndrome. It is a result of the development of many kinds of nephropathy. It has many problems, such as the material metabolism and the disorder of water and electrolyte, the long course of disease, difficult to cure, and high mortality.

In addition to the correct clinical treatment, a reasonable diet can also help to delay the development of disease, improve the quality of life and prolong life.

Experts at home and abroad have advocated the use of low protein diet, and there are a number of studies have shown that this method can significantly prolong the life of patients, delay the dialysis time, is one of the effective measures to delay the development of the disease. But because the nutrition knowledge level of patients with limited diet, eating habits have mistakes, previous methods and used in the treatment of patients with diet change caused to patients with difficult to adhere to, loss of appetite, less intake, resulting in malnutrition. Diet therapy, should first understand the reasons, targeted to improve the therapeutic effect

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