The treatment of nephrotic syndrome

The treatment of nephrotic syndrome

Nephrotic syndrome with a large amount of proteinuria (24 hours urinary protein more than 3.5 grams), serum albumin is less than 30 g/L, hyperlipidemia is characteristics of clinical syndrome with edema, the first two are the most typical. Divide into two kinds, primary and secondary secondary renal ensemble by autoimmune disease (such as systemic lupus erythematosus (sle), etc.), diabetes, and secondary infection (such as bacteria, hepatitis b, etc.), circulatory system disease, poisoning, etc.

In many hospitals, the use of hormone alone for the treatment of nephrotic syndrome. To begin with, as long as the urine protein, urine occult blood of the kidney disease clinical manifestations appeared, hormone and a lot as the first choice for treatment of nephrotic syndrome. At the beginning of the application often can obtain good result, in the short term will eradicate the urine protein, urine occult blood. But as long as a cold tends to be reversed, illness started repeatedly, and started to show the side effects of hormone.

Irregular in addition, the application of hormones (irregular random add and subtract, stop, shut down, etc.) and make the illness relapses easily, accelerate the process of renal fibrosis, make the illness relapses and a worse time, increase the difficulty of the treatment of rehabilitation at a time. And, in the process of renal fibrosis, accelerate progress, due to the injury or damage the function of the kidney cells, there will be centripetal obesity, hypokalemia, edema, high blood pressure caused by hormones such as side effects.

So don't recommend using hormonal pure western medicine treatment of nephrotic syndrome. Treatment of nephrotic syndrome is to block the renal fibrosis and repair of damaged renal unit function. And to achieve the purpose of the treatment of nephrotic syndrome must be through thrift in repair. At the same time pay attention to diet:

1) sodium salt

Edema should be into a low salt diet, in order to avoid aggravating oedema, is less than 2 g daily salt, disable preserved food, use less and alkali MSG, swelling subsided, plasma protein close to normal, can restore normal diet.

(2) protein intake

Nephrotic syndrome, a large number of plasma proteins from the eduction in urine, to reduce human proteins in protein malnutrition state, hypoalbuminemia decreased plasma colloid external pressure, cause oedema stubbornly difficult to disappear, the body's resistance drops, so in the absence of renal failure, its early phase, should be given high quality protein diet (1 ~ 1.5 g/kg * d), such as fish, meat, etc. This will help ease the hypoalbuminemia and then cause some complications.

But a high-protein diet can increase renal blood flow and glomerular filtration rate, make the glomerular capillary in high pressure condition, proteins can increase the urine protein intake at the same time, can accelerate the glomerular sclerosis. So for chronic, the very issue of nephrotic syndrome patients should eat a small amount of high quality protein (0.7 ~ 1 g/kg * d), as for the chronic renal damage, should be a low protein diet (0.65 g/kg * d).

(3) the fat intake

Nephrotic syndrome patients often have hyperlipidemia, this can cause hardening of the arteries and glomerular damage, hardening and so on, so should be limited animal internal organs, fat, and some seafood and other foods that are rich in cholesterol and fat intake.

(4) trace element supplementation

Because of nephrotic syndrome patients with glomerular basement membrane permeability increased, in addition to the loss of a large number of protein in urine, also lost to the protein combined with some of the trace elements and hormone, causes the human body elements such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron deficiency, should give appropriate supplement. Can eat commonly contain rich vitamin and trace elements of fruits, vegetables, grains, seafood, etc shall be added.

Nephrotic kidney disease hospital senior experts remind: if found himself diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, neither a mental stress and worry, and don't doesn't matter, so I did it my way, delay in diagnosis and treatment.

Nephrotic syndrome is not a disease, it is a set of multiple causes and more stubborn, difficult treatment of syndrome, the most obvious feature of the nephrotic syndrome is a large amount of urine protein, often accompanied by edema, hypoalbuminemia and hyperlipidemia, called 3 tall one low in clinical symptoms.

One of our good clinical therapeutic effect of traditional Chinese medicine for external use, through the characteristics of the effective ingredients of inflammatory factors inactivated, for the formation of extracellular matrix degradation, repair the damaged kidney cells, such as efficacy after kidney inhibiting renal fibrosis process. At the same time, the characteristic of dilate blood vessels, increase blood flow to the whole body effective perfusion can also reduce the residence time of content within the kidney, decrease the content of renal toxicity. The treatment side effects of small, quick effect, and it is not easy to let the illness appears repeatedly, can quickly achieve control patients, protect kidney function, the function of kidney damaged cells.

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