Winter to prevent nephritis little common sense!

Winter to prevent nephritis little common sense!

Winter to prevent nephritis little common sense! Due to the fast this year, the weather gets cold, small make up had to finishing some winter prevent nephritis in advance 

Little common sense, the following content in more than 20 a kidney disease experts recommended by sorting out and hope for the broad masses of friends 

The help! 

To prevent a cold 

In winter, chronic nephritis patients should pay close attention to the weather forecast, ready to add cotton-padded jacket, trousers, ahead of going out live 

Remember to wear a scarf, and don't forget to "wear a hat in winter, is worth to wear cotton-padded jacket" saying. Because of chronic nephritis 

Most are poor health, low immunity, easy to catch a cold, once a cold can make the relapse of the heavier, aggravated the kidneys 

Is damage, acute nephritis patients also easily after cold symptoms such as edema, urine occult blood, serum creatinine, urea nitrogen, etc 

Also often appear rapidly rises, so prevention is still cold, wind and snow, cold climate of the invasion is very important to the body 

Monitor blood pressure 

Cold cool, was the cause for high blood pressure, and most are renal hypertensive patients with chronic nephritis, especially so 

It should pay attention to prevent the occurrence of heart cerebrovascular accident, such as stroke, myocardial infarction, want to go to the hospital inspection when necessary, 

Such as electrocardiogram (ecg), 24 hour dynamic blood tests. Adjust the types and usage of antihypertensive drugs, because once the blood pressure 

Poorly controlled, will accelerate glomerular sclerosis, aggravating renal damage. 

Dietary restraint 

Patients with chronic nephritis diet is very exquisite, attention should be paid to prevent excessive protein intake, protein in the diet increase if the human body 

Will cause the ammonia containing waste products increase, kidney workload increases the renal excretion if not, serum creatinine increased, 

Severe cases can lead to uremia. Chronic nephritis patients daily protein intake should be controlled within the 60 ~ 80 g, and winter 

The temperature is low, people like eating a lot of high quantity of heat, high protein food. Protein intake too much, can make the kidney disease patients feel the stomach 

Mouth is not good, may be mistaken for the digestive system out of the question, is the kidney has been damaged, "he said. 


Under the condition of the cold weather in winter, many kidney disease patients give up exercise, relative to exercise more readily in temperature 

Stay warm home or bed rest. This practice is actually sunk into a kind of misunderstanding. No reasonable movement, kidney 

Will slow, blood flow to the kidney sclerosis atrophy condition worsen. Patients with kidney disease should stick to exercise during the winter, a 

Aspect is to increase renal blood flow, help damage repair, prevention of glomerular sclerosis. Kidney disease in patients with exercise 

Can choose to give priority to in order to walk, in clear weather, temperature, suitable for outdoor activities, of course, can also be in the room 

For a walk, but had better not be bedridden. 

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