Scientific nursing care of patients with chronic nephritis?

Scientific nursing care of patients with chronic nephritis?

- stay in bed

Acute exacerbation or accompanied by severe hypertension, edema, should be absolutely bed rest, after a stable condition can gradually increase the amount of activity, but it is necessary to do not feel tired. Pregnant women should not be pregnant, because pregnancy may exacerbate the condition, and even lead to disease recurrence.

- diet guidance

Diet, pay attention to eat high calorie, high vitamin, low salt digestible diet. Patients with high blood pressure should strictly limit the intake of sodium and water, for patients with hyperlipidemia, should limit the intake of protein, carbohydrate and lipid diet should be appropriately increased.

- recreational environment

Create a quiet and comfortable recreational environment for patients, pay attention to keep the indoor air circulation, temperature 18 ~ 22 degrees, humidity is 50% ~ 70%, keep warm, cold can make easily lead to reduced renal blood flow, renal insufficiency, and should pay attention to and isolation of patients of respiratory tract infection, prevent infection.

- observe the condition changes

To observe the characteristics and changes of edema and observe the signs of systemic edema. Regular monitoring of urine, if headache, lethargy, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, oliguria and other early signs of uremia, not negligence. Regular measurement of body weight, strict record of 24 hours of liquid intake, especially the changes in urine volume, found abnormal timely treatment. Because of the headache caused by hypertension, the head can put ice, such as the emergence of symptoms of blurred vision, family nursing care should be strengthened in life, to prevent falling out of bed and fall.

Good skin care.

If severe edema, skin care should be strengthened, wear cotton clothes, and often replaced. To assist the long-term bed, turning back, prevent bedsore.

- prevention points

By proper exercise, enhance physical fitness, do work and rest. Avoid cold and wet, the prevention of upper respiratory tract infection, chronic tonsillitis or skin pyogenic infection should be timely and thorough treatment.

* no drugs on the kidney damage, hypertension and other disease control and prevent renal injury.

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I do not eat salty food, eating pickled food, daily food intake control under 6G salt. Learn to self monitor blood pressure, high blood pressure patients should be advised to take antihypertensive drugs, blood pressure control in the normal range.

For patients with chronic nephritis. Pregnancy, such as pregnancy, abortion should be early termination of pregnancy, so as not to cause deterioration of nephritis.


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