IgA nephropathy cause

IgA nephropathy cause

The etiology of IgA nephropathy is not yet fully understood, and it is generally believed that IgA nephropathy is a glomerular disease caused by immune complexes. Traditional Chinese medicine on IgA nephropathy

Knowledge of the disease can be summarized as follows: first, the wind evil attack: wind heat evil outside attack, the inside of the lung, the lower bladder, the adverse channel, hot knot coke, can cause water

Swelling and hematuria.

Two, yin deficiency of liver and kidney: ferrite Yin, or Fanlao excessive, so that liver and kidney yin deficiency, yin deficiency and internal heat, heat injury of renal collaterals is hematuria.

Three, spleen and kidney qi deficiency: the body of qi deficiency, or overwork, injury to the spleen and kidney, so that the spleen and kidney qi deficiency, the spleen is not clear, the kidney is not sealed, there is proteinuria

No blood gas, blood can appear hematuria.

Disease overview

IgA nephropathy is a group of chronic glomerular diseases with the same pathological features caused by multiple etiologies. Clinically, about 40% ~ 45% of the patients showed meat

Eye or microscopic hematuria, 35% ~ 40% of the patients showed microscopic hematuria with proteinuria, the nephrotic syndrome and renal failure.

IgA nephropathy is a common glomerular disease worldwide, IgA nephropathy popular in different continents, different countries or in different areas of the country's poor

Different, such as Asia, Japan, Singapore, the incidence of IgA nephropathy accounted for 50% of primary glomerular disease, while the U.S.

Hair area accounted for only 2%. In general, white, yellow and black incidence was significantly higher than that of. The incidence of IgA nephropathy accounts for the incidence of primary glomerular disease in China

From 26% to 34%. The ratio of men to women is about 2:1. There is no effective treatment of IgA nephropathy with hematuria. Because of the pathological type of IgA nephropathy

The damage degree of the ball is bigger. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the frequency of hematuria, proteinuria, hypertension and renal function

And the corresponding control measures were taken.

influence factor

Factors associated with the prognosis of IGA nephropathy: (1) male patients with poor prognosis. (2) persistent microscopic hematuria with protein

Urine, poor prognosis. (3) moderate and severe proteinuria often leads to the development of renal insufficiency, and the prognosis is poor. However, IgA nephropathy is manifested as nephrotic syndrome

If the patients with pathological changes of renal tissue were slight, they had good response to glucocorticoid therapy, and the prognosis was good. (4) patients with IgA nephropathy had high blood pressure

It is difficult to control severe hypertension.

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