Several misunderstandings of nephritis Backache and nephriti

Several misunderstandings of nephritis Backache and nephriti

A rural aunt said, she suffers from backache. For many years, always suspected faulty own kidney, can check to the hospital, but did not always find out what the abnormal kidney. She felt very strange, because she heard people say, backache may be suffering from nephritis. Backache really can be equated with nephritis?

The answer was No. Especially acute nephritis nephritis due to renal tissue congestion and edema, can appear backache symptoms, but some other manifestations of this backache often accompanied by nephritis, such as edema, proteinuria, hematuria, hypertension etc.. Some non nephritis kidney disease, especially pyelonephritis, urinary calculi, kidney cancer and so on, also has the obvious backache symptoms, often unilateral. Of course, many non renal diseases, especially the lumbar muscle strain, lumbar acid is the main clinical symptoms, often exacerbated in the cold, after supine with different degrees of improvement. In addition, there are a lot of gynecological diseases such as chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, often accompanied by symptoms of backache. Therefore, backache should be combined with other checks to determine what causes.

Can not easily give up treatment

The retired workers of the steel factory have suffered from chronic nephritis for many years. After the treatment of the system, the symptoms have disappeared completely. He said happily, finally can not take medicine, free to eat and drink to play. Clinically, this is also a lot of patients like Li, in their view, the symptoms disappeared, normal renal function is meant to give up treatment. In fact, this is made the wrong enemy.

The kidney is composed of nearly 2 million units of kidney, the excretion of metabolites, regulating the body's internal environment and endocrine function. The compensatory ability is very strong, under normal circumstances, as long as half of the nephron normal operation can complete these functions, this is also why people donate a kidney treatment of uremic patients, they can still be a normal life. Now, renal function tests the most common method is to measure the serum urea nitrogen and creatinine levels, but the two indexes of renal function damage in unit 50%, the test results are still normal, only at the expense of more than 70% would appear abnormal. Therefore, even if the normal renal function test can not completely give up treatment, doctors must be further checked to determine.

The more urine protein, the more serious illness?

Out of the clinic, a young man suffering from nephritis told the doctor that he had been tested for urine every time, and there was always a "2~3" symbol in the urine, which made him and his family very nervous. In his opinion, the more urine protein + symbol means that the more severe nephritis. It is disturbing that this one-sided understanding of a certain mass base.

Urine protein is an important abnormal laboratory test results, the amount of which is closely related to the progression of kidney disease, but the quality of urine protein does not necessarily indicate that the disease is serious. For example, some patients with kidney disease, urinary protein can be a lot, but the kidney lesions are not very serious, the application of hormones and other treatment, most can be significantly improved, and even cure. There are a number of patients with kidney disease, the treatment effect is very poor, long-term kidney disease, resulting in a large number of renal tissue damage, urinary protein gradually reduced, but in fact the serious deterioration of the disease, has been in the early stages of uremia. Therefore, the results of urine examination to determine the severity of nephritis is very one-sided.

Limit salt and not salt in patients with nephritis

Chen Bohuan nephritis for more than and 10 years, he had seen some books that nephritis patients should be absolutely prohibited salt, eat less protein, mainly vegetarian. He served as Imperial General comply with the requirements of his wife every time cooking had to leave him a salt. Is Chen's self protection effective? Let's see what the doctor says.

Salt is an important component of human body, which is closely related to many physiological functions, especially circulatory system function. Salt depends on the daily diet to supplement the body's daily intake of salt, due to dietary content, habits, and so obviously different. In acute nephritis, severe nephrotic syndrome, severe hypertension and other leading to kidney disease, chronic nephritis, uremia, must be strictly limited salt. But in general, patients with chronic nephritis, kidney can maintain the balance of salt metabolism, so do not have to avoid salt, doctors will be based on the circumstances of each patient, to give specific guidance. Of course, in order to reduce the burden on the kidneys, it is generally not too much salt.

Clinical patients with nephritis to eat protein, eat vegetarian, because the protein catabolism of metabolites excreted by the kidneys. Renal dysfunction, these products excretion blocked, will bring many adverse effects on the human body. In addition, some of the amino acids in the protein can cause changes in blood flow and pressure in the kidney, leading to further deterioration of renal function. Therefore, in general, nephritis patients should not eat too much protein. However, because the human body needs protein The new supersedes the old. (of course, if purely vegetarian, also includes a portion of the protein in the vegetarian diet), too little protein, the body will use the proteins in the tissue, this will cause harm to the overall health. Therefore, the general nephritis patients can not be completely vegetarian, but should be some of the higher quality and lower excretion of renal protein requirements, such as milk, eggs, etc.. In patients with severe renal insufficiency, especially in the presence of uremia and dialysis, protein intake can increase blood urea nitrogen and creatinine levels, endangering life.

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