What are the chronic pyelonephritis symptoms?

What are the chronic pyelonephritis symptoms?

Chronic pyelonephritis symptoms has many kinds, not what typical chronic pyelonephritis symptoms. Especially the elderly, the situation is more complex and perse. So don't judge by the absolute standard of chronic pyelonephritis. Then different types of chronic pyelonephritis symptoms are what?

Chronic pyelonephritis symptoms 1 relapse

The symptoms of chronic pyelonephritis often with acute onset with acute pyelonephritis were similar to symptoms of urinary tract infection and urinary systemic changes in local performance.

Chronic pyelonephritis symptoms 2 fever type

With long-term fever as the main performance with weak backache, loss of appetite and weight loss etc..

Chronic pyelonephritis symptoms 3 hematuria

Can hematuria is microscopic or gross hematuria, lumbago, backache and disease associated with urinary tract irritation.

4  chronic pyelonephritis symptoms with occult

No local or systemic symptoms only urine changes of urine bacteria culture positive and asymptomatic bacteriuria in patients with chronic pyelonephritis.

Chronic pyelonephritis symptoms 5 hypertensive type

In the course of hypertension may even develop into acute hypertension often accompanied by anemia but no obvious proteinuria and edema. Besides the above type in a few cases can be performed for the loss of sodium potassium losing nephropathy, renal tubular acidosis and chronic renal insufficiency.

Chronic pyelonephritis than early renal dysfunction and GFR concentration relatively well preserved. As a result of a wide range of inflammatory responses in the propagation of bacteria in the medulla, the structure of the renal tubules is distorted, which interferes with the medullary transport mechanism. These changes can cause nocturia polyuria nephrogenic diabetes insipidus and electrolyte perforation lesions involving the cortex, extensive scarring caused renal failure.

Recurrence is the clinical characteristics of chronic pyelonephritis symptoms recurrence can be primary disease recurrence or re infection of both are different in nature, and the treatment and the prognosis is different, we must distinguish the recurrence was not cured pyelonephritis just a temporary remission of the disease in some factors promotes, latent bacteria and cause inflammation and the incidence of re infection is original; disease the bacteria have been destroyed, caused by new pathogens invasion.

Intravenous pyelography showed renal pelvis deformation of coarctation of renal morphological examination (B CT) showed renal shadow irregular narrowing; renal tubular function with persistent damage such as urine osmolality of urine retinol binding protein and urine beta 2 microglobulin. Some of the patients had predisposing factors such as urinary tract obstruction, deformity of the kidney and bladder ureter reflux.

Elderly chronic pyelonephritis symptoms are not typical, often complex and perse. Severe acute onset of the disease can be manifested as similar to acute pyelonephritis syndrome. There are obvious symptoms of systemic infection are more common symptoms of general malaise, weight loss, low heat, urinary incontinence, urinary retention, urinary retention, polyuria, nocturia, etc..


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