How to prevent hypertensive nephropathy

How to prevent hypertensive nephropathy

Now people in your life will always have a lot of questions, and that is why now these diseases always occur in their own body, how should we face these, especially when the disease will happen and how we can prevent. Now the emergence of hypertensive nephropathy, many friends know, but for its prevention is not so understanding, the following for everyone to talk about how to prevent high blood pressure nephropathy

1, for patients with hypertensive nephropathy long time quickly wrote it down because it will make the brain, nervous, easily induced high blood pressure.

2, get up slowly, and wake up after the morning should not immediately get out of bed, lie on your back for a while, and move your head, neck and upper limbs to adapt to the change in body position when you wake up.

3, do not keep breath, forced defecation, otherwise there is a risk of brain hemorrhage. Squatting position is easy to be tired, and sitting is most suitable.

4, breakfast should be light, such as 1 cups of milk or soy milk, 1 eggs, 1 pieces of bread.

5, dinner should be less, 70% to eat is appropriate, not only should eat, with some soup or porridge.

6, insist on doing morning exercises, do not overdo. not strenuous activities. Mild activity is beneficial for relieving arterial tension.

7, warm water bath, overheating, cold water will stimulate the skin's sense organs, causing vasomotor, and thus affect blood pressure. With 40 degrees or so warm bath, wash your face, rinse your mouth is the best choice.

8, nap at noon, after lunch have a little activity, and then take a nap, half an hour to 1 hour is appropriate.

9, do not go to crowded buses, walking or riding a bike or a comfortable environment.

10, less salt, less oil, should not only "good taste" and arbitrary to eat.

The above is about the prevention of hypertensive nephropathy related knowledge introduction, if you have a kidney problems need to consult, or still do not understand, you can consult our online expert, our experts will promptly reply to everyone.

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