What is the cause of hypertensive nephropathy?

What is the cause of hypertensive nephropathy?

Any small habits will have a great impact on the health of the body will make you think of all kinds of fast contact. The average person will put high blood pressure and

Kidney disease is linked, but the two are sometimes together. Sometimes it is because a disease has not been effectively treated for a long time,

Will lead to some complications of the disease, but also lead to increased pain in patients. In fact, long-term high blood pressure will inevitably lead to impaired renal function, and

The harm of the disease is relatively large. So what is the cause of hypertensive nephropathy?

What is the cause of hypertensive nephropathy:

Renal secretory function can affect the stability of the body's blood pressure, may lead to the occurrence of hypertensive nephropathy. Because the kidney has the function of secreting hormones

It can be used to regulate the body's blood pressure. Under normal circumstances, the kidneys secrete renin is able to maintain the stability of human blood pressure

When the kidneys are damaged, they often secrete too much renin, which can lead to an increase in blood pressure. The renal artery obstruction

The force also increases, which further increases blood pressure. The more severe kidney damage, the more it will secrete renin, the degree of blood pressure will rise


Obstructive diseases of urinary tract. Such as urinary calculi, kidney and urinary tract tumors. In addition, inflammation, abscess, tumor, trauma, bleeding, etc.

Can cause high blood pressure. According to reports, in all kinds of nephropathy with hypertension accounted for 19.6% ~ 57.7%. Decreased secretion of pressor substances. When the renal parenchyma

When the lesions, prostaglandin synthesis and secretion decreased, while the renin secretion is increased, the imbalance between the two leading to elevated blood pressure.

There is a more common cause of high blood pressure is due to the presence of kidney disease in patients with anti pressor substances have been reduced, at this time and kidney kidney

Quality damage can not be separated. The renal parenchyma, after injury, reduces the secretion of prostaglandins, but at this time the renin secretion is normal or increased

Will lead to the body's hormonal metabolism disorder, leading to the production of hypertension.

Under normal circumstances, the symptoms of swelling caused by kidney disease will spread throughout the patient's body, but it should be noted that the severity of the symptoms of edema is associated with the disease of the kidney

Exhibit the same. The edema of kidney disease usually appears in the first place, such as the eyelid, the face, the scrotum, and so on

Can also be systemic edema, a small number of people may also have ascites. Of course, other diseases are often accompanied by edema, then a relatively simple way to see is not accompanied by

Edema of eyelid or face. If any, it is mostly renal edema.

What is the cause of hypertensive nephropathy? Understand the causes of the disease, so we should always in life have prevention consciousness. Heart friend

The best thing is to do a good job in the daily life of prevention, it will prevent the occurrence of misfortune. For those who have been shot, you do not want to live without

With confidence, under the advanced medical technology, we must have the confidence to cure the disease, and the development of things will always be in a good direction,

We have to believe in ourselves. Finally, I wish you good health.


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