What are the folk remedies for diabetes?

What are the folk remedies for diabetes?

More and more people suffer from diabetes, the disease is not the only old people, many young people are suffering from this disease, diabetes is more common in our daily life, there are many methods for the treatment of diabetes, there are some medicine, and food are injection treatment of diabetes. There are some small remedies can also be treated, today Xiaobian for the introduction of diabetes treatment of the 14 folk prescription bar!

Remedies for diabetes

Diabetes is one of the more common diseases in our lives. Well, for the treatment of this disease, in addition to conventional medical treatment, there are no remedies can be treated? Here are some of the remedies for diabetes, for your reference.

Live crucian carp

100 grams of green tea. The fish go to the intestines, miscellaneous cleaning, green tea stuffed into the fish belly, set the pot in the pot steamed, do not add salt, cooked food, 1 times a day. Suitable for all types of diabetic patients.


Eat pumpkin often can reduce weight, and can reduce blood sugar. At present, pumpkin powder has been produced for medicinal use in china. Pumpkin can also be eaten as a meal. 250 grams of boiled pumpkin is eaten early and late, which has the effect of stabilizing blood sugar.

Five beans soup

Mung bean, red bean, black bean, soya bean, kidney bean equivalent (15 grams). Soup with water and soup with beans. Daily dose.


Mushroom culture fluid has the function of reducing blood sugar, so it is helpful to improve the symptoms of diabetes by taking mushroom as food or boiling juice to drink.


Cod is rich in pancreatic insulin, will wash the COD, according to the law often cooked food or soup with food, applicable to all types of diabetes patients.

Gourd soup

Fresh gourd 60 grams, or dried 30 grams, water decoction soup. Suitable for diabetes carbuncle, furuncle, long nose and mouth pain.

Balsam pear

Bitter melon has clear summer heat, eyesight, detoxification effect, often consumption of obvious hypoglycemic effect. Fresh bitter gourd cooking, 50~100 grams per meal, 2~3 times a day; or bitter gourd made dry powder, 7~12 grams each time, 3 times a day.

Fresh lemon

Use method: take fresh lemon daily 30 - 50 grams, fresh lemon juice or ground water, taking 3 times. 10 to 15 days for 1 courses, but also in the interval of 10 - 15 days after second courses of treatment.


Medication: take 100 grams of dried purslane, fried with water, 1 per day, sooner or later pided into clothes. This group has been treated with western medicine which has not been taken for diabetes, and has a remarkable curative effect on type 2 diabetes mellitus.


Watermelon, melon skin 15 grams, 12 grams of trichosanthin. Decoct with water. Twice a day, half a cup each time. Dampness and diuresis. Cure diabetes, thirst, and urine.

Silkworm powder

Use method: take the amount of the silkworm, grinding into powder, each taking from the end of 2 grams, 3 times a day before meals with white boiling water delivery service. 2 months for 1 courses, or 15 days after the interval for second courses of treatment.

Glutinous rice

Glutinous rice burst into 50 grams of flowers, mulberry root 50 grams. Decoct. 2 times a day. Clearing away heat, invigorating the middle Jiao, supplementing qi, treating diabetes, and thirsty.


Medication: daily intake of 50 grams Digupi, placed in 1000 ml of water, fry until only 500 ml of water can, on behalf of the tea, also can take vitamin drugs.


Use method: Daily Cream palm (to learn Chen is preferred) 30 - 60 grams, water decoction, on behalf of the tea, 1 month is 1 treatment course. During treatment, patients should be fasting fish, meat and sweet foods, and should abstemious sexual life.

Conclusion: through the above introduction now for the treatment of diabetes remedies already clear now, people suffering from the disease may wish to try, in daily life there are many people who are diabetic patients, some mild symptoms, as long as you don't eat food containing sugar on the line, while others are relatively heavy symptoms need to take medicine, injections, treatment. But this article for everybody introduces is some treats diabetes's small folk prescription, these methods are quite simple, and the effect is also good, everybody may try.

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