What is the difference between renal dysfunction and kidney

What is the difference between renal dysfunction and kidney

In life there are a lot of people think that renal insufficiency is kidney empty, so want to method to treat kidney for the treatment of kidney empty 

But is not complete, so the best treatment period of delayed renal insufficiency, caused serious consequences. In fact, renal insufficiency 

Is not the same thing as kidney empty completely. 

First of all, the western "kidney" and "kidney" of traditional Chinese medicine are two different concepts. Exploration of the kidney 

Dirty refers to excrete metabolic wastes, maintain water and electrolyte acid-base balance, to produce a variety of hormones, and other functions of important organs 

There is real, like the heart, liver, viscera. And traditional Chinese medicine called "kidney" can be said to be a department 

Series, covering western endocrine system, reproductive system, urinary system, respiratory system, etc., is a comprehensive and general, its 

Including the kidney essence, different concepts such as kidney, kidney Yin and kidney Yang. Therefore, renal insufficiency can be confirmed through checking the instrument, 

And kidney empty is proved through the syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine, check out by instrument. 

Second, different symptoms. Renal insufficiency can have the digestive system, blood system, respiratory system and other systemic symptoms. The kidney 

Depending on the kidney Yang deficiency and kidney Yin deficiency, and show the lumbar acid, cold limbs, chills, hot and dry, night sweats, better, 

The symptom such as dizziness, tinnitus. 

Third, the different treatments. Renal insufficiency, first of all, need to treat the primary disease, and drug control their disease 

, in the late renal insufficiency through such means as dialysis treatment is needed. And mainly through kidney tonic foods for treatment 

And, if necessary, can assist some medications, such as kidney Yang deficiency can eat dog meat, lamb, leek, loach to eat the right food, 

Kidney Yin deficiency can eat black fungus, black sesame seed, walnut tonic foods, such as kidney drugs have kidney treasure jade, desert cistanche, 

Kidney pills, pills right owned by golden, etc. 

Above tells the story of renal insufficiency of preventive measures and the difference with kidney empty, hope to go through the interpretation of the people can better 

Meet the condition, especially for people with this condition, be sure to learn this knowledge is possible 

Reduce the happening of the disease, so in this condition is also don't have too much of a burden, must believe that the use of the science 

According to the doctor's advice aggressive treatment. 

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