Kidney failure to eat? Tongshantang kidney disease hospital

Kidney failure to eat? Tongshantang kidney disease hospital

Kidney failure to eat? Tongshantang kidney disease hospital 

Sick people not only to the treatment and care, small make up think the most important thing should be eating. Kidney asthenia is not uncommon in the present life, a lot of people why is cured? Because they know not with what can eat what cannot be eaten. What something helpful to illness can aggravate the condition. Small make up today to arrange a article on kidney function decline the patient's diet, let's take a look at together. 

1, eat less potassium 

Everyone should know that food containing potassium in patients with diabetic nephropathy, have very important aftercare effect, but for patients with kidney failure, it is very dangerous adverse factors, can cause great impact to condition over. Due to patients with renal failure, kidney's ability to regulate metabolism of potassium significantly reduced, in acute endogenous and exogenous potassium under the condition of load increase, it is difficult to maintain the balance of potassium metabolism, and appear hyperkalemia, which can lead to cardiac arrhythmia, lower blood pressure, cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, and so on serious consequences. Patients with kidney failure, therefore, should be eating food containing potassium is higher. 

2, eat less phosphorus 

This kind of food in everyday, is the need for renal failure patients as far as possible away from, if the patients do not take in ordinary ruled out in time, this kind of food intake, will lead to disease again and again and even worse, give yourself recover smoothly, to form great obstacles. This is because eating too much phosphorus class, can cause mineral metabolic disorders. Eating any animal internal organs, chicken, pork ribs soup, soy products, nuts, seeds, peanuts, walnuts, pistachio nuts, etc.). Consuming too much phosphorus, can lead to secondary hyperparathyroidism, and cause itching, renal bone disease complications such as. 

Patients with kidney failure, in the life to pay attention to the intake of phosphorus and potassium, control their diet as well, strive for in treatment at the same time do a good job in nursing to restore disease earlier. 

So what food is kidney asthenia patient cannot eat? Specialist to arrange a daily food. These things do not touch, otherwise will be in front of their treatment of close, kidney asthenia remember the oh. 

1, renal failure patients should eat less soy products, seafood, spicy food, dried fruit; 

2, cattle, sheep and chickens, geese dog ass deer meat and bone soup, patients with kidney failure can't eat too much; 

3, less consumption of broth, meat extract, fungus mushrooms, sardines, roughage; 

4, eat less high phosphorus food, like dried fruit such as egg yolks, pumpkin seed kernel, sunflower seeds, beans, dried small shrimps; 

5, don't eat high sugar content, can be used without the lotus root starch sugar, almond cream to supplement heat. 

These food for renal failure patients should try to eat less, it will be very helpful for the recovery of this, so it is important to note that in the usual diet. 

Kidney asthenia and a type called polycystic kidney. Now there are lots of places, points out that in patients with polycystic kidney can't eat rice. The rice is the staple food for us Chinese people, is a blow. What the hell is this? Concerned expert points out, the rice can eat, just not much to eat. What so much bursa, their food to eat and can't eat? Let's take a look. 

In patients with polycystic kidney diet diet should be light, avoid is acrimony excitant food 

Late chronic renal failure, renal failure, uremia patients with gastrointestinal mucous membrane often went into a state of congestion, erosion, such as eating hot pepper, wine, etc excitant food, often aggravate the gastric mucosal erosion, lead to bleeding stomach lining the blood vessels. 

In patients with polycystic kidney diet appropriate pap, avoid hard food and Fried food 

Patients with chronic renal failure due to toxins in the body for retention and blood microcirculation of gastrointestinal mucosa is congestion, erosion state, if eating solid foods, Fried foods, such as sesame cake sugar, Fried doughnuts, often leads to food through blood vessels and cause bleeding in the stomach. Late due to chronic renal failure, kidney failure, poison disease patients blood coagulation function obstacle, bleeding after hard to stop, is easy to cause death. 

Above is for for polycystic kidney diet to make a solution, we should also learn about polycystic kidney patients should how to reasonable diet. Hope to be able to help you. Warm prompt: treatment of kidney disease, please be sure to make a diagnosis and give treatment to normal hospital. 

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