7 symptoms of renal failure

7 symptoms of renal failure


Kidney disease is a highly occult disease, many patients with kidney has undergone tremendous damage, clinical symptoms do not appear, and the symptoms is also very slow, often confused with other diseases, such as physical fatigue was mistaken for tired, don't look well considered to end-stage renal anemia. Failure caused by indigestion misdiagnosed as gastritis. Because of the occurrence of kidney disease, these symptoms are generally not "run" out, and sometimes may occur at the same time, but some obviously not obvious, not obvious symptoms and easily overlooked.

Case: uremic anemia was misdiagnosed as iron deficiency anemia

The 30 year old Mr. Wang nearly half a year to feel physical fatigue, work does not have the spirit, what are uninterested, at first he did not care, recently more and more uncomfortable, is going to work on the business at hand a holiday please rest for a few days. Can not think of, a few days ago at the desk suddenly collapsed, colleagues rushed him to the hospital. After examination of the initial diagnosis of anemia, but Mr. Wang to the Department of Hematology to do bone marrow puncture, but did not find out the problem. Kidney disease experts recommend him to do a kidney function examination. Check the results that he showed his be startled at routine blood test, blood creatinine as high as 710mmol/L, diagnosed with uremia anemia, the doctor said to hemodialysis, the worst result is kidney transplant.

This situation is not uncommon in life, uremic patients into our hospital have been delayed because of misdiagnosis, the symptoms can be found if in the correct diagnosis of nephropathy, their treatment is difficult to be reduced a lot. This is because the kidney has strong compensatory function, a part of the organization "strike", another part of the organization will take over the kidney can not work to work, until one day, the "successor" also lost the ability, patients will have shown the corresponding clinical symptoms. Due to personal reasons or medical conditions and other differences, some patients are easy to be diagnosed with kidney disease, while some patients were misdiagnosed as gastritis, anemia, etc..

Here are seven symptoms of renal failure that are not easily detected:

1, anemia: renal failure leads to reduced erythropoietin, the patient will have anemia and other symptoms of malaise.

2, fracture: renal failure caused by regulation of calcium and phosphorus metabolism of active vitamin D3 reduced, the patient is easy to fracture.

3, low blood sugar: renal failure when the kidney can not effectively destroy insulin in vivo, some of the original high blood sugar in patients with diabetes will appear hypoglycemia symptoms.

4, "male female": the female hormone renal failure kidney cannot inactivated in vivo, many men will appear breast augmentation, reduction of symptoms of female body hair.

5, nosebleeds: renal failure caused by blood coagulation function decreased, patients often flow nosebleed.

6, heart failure: Patients with renal failure when the body of toxins and acidosis inhibited the contraction and relaxation of myocardial cells to induce heart failure.

7, uremic encephalopathy: Patients with renal failure due to toxicity of the body can not be removed, resulting in damage to the central nervous system, causing symptoms of hallucinations, convulsions, epilepsy and aphasia.


If the patient has these symptoms, should be combined with other symptoms related to distinguish carefully, after investigation if the suspect and kidney disease, the easiest way is to do a routine examination of the urine, if necessary, also need to do the examination of renal function under the guidance of a doctor, nip in the bud. In addition, need to do a life in anemia at the same time, whether there is edema (nephrotic edema generally occur morning eyelid edema), urine and whether there is a bubble lingering (may be caused by too much protein in the urine), urine volume is reduced, nausea and vomiting and other symptoms.


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