Prevent renal insufficiency caused by polycystic kidney dise

Prevent renal insufficiency caused by polycystic kidney dise



Anti-fatigue, including mental fatigue and physical exertion: mental fatigue, but also affect the patient's brain thinking and command functions, such as the central command system failure, and the function of the organs will be greatly affected, the organs function is not coordinated , There will be other diseases, it will accelerate the kidney injury, deterioration, etc .; physical fatigue due to physical labor after the metabolism of toxins produced too much, and damaged renal function can not be discharged in time, it will increase the progress of renal injury.

Prevent colds


The patients suffering from polycystic kidney disease is very painful, even if it is no matter how good attention, the family's caring more care can not stop the cysts continue to swell the objective reality, this time if suffering from a cold, especially repeated cold will be suffering There are polycystic kidney disease, kidney damage to the kidney to bring greater immune damage, played a worse effect of deterioration, but also accelerate the progress of kidney damage. Although anti-fibrosis therapy can improve the disease resistance of patients with polycystic kidney disease, but if the patient does not pay attention, repeated cold immune damage will increase the process of renal fibrosis.

    Prevent trauma

How to prevent trauma: the key point is not to increase any pressure on the abdominal cavity, one is not to increase intra-abdominal pressure activities, such as stool to maintain smooth, defecation due to constipation increase intra-abdominal pressure; Do not do twisted activities, and even riding a bike on the train when the sprain and will increase the abdominal pressure; belt to be loose, do not be too tight and so on. Second, if there are huge patients with renal cysts can be fixed with a fixed two kidneys, but also should not pay attention to the activities of violent, to prevent cyst rupture.


Control high blood pressure


Polycystic kidney disease in patients with impaired renal function before the emergence of high blood pressure, we call the polycystic kidney disease has occurred: the emergence of high blood pressure will accelerate the damage of renal function, while high blood pressure will be on the heart, Will be associated with polycystic kidney disease associated with cerebrovascular rupture caused by stroke and other serious complications, so control of blood pressure to delay the deterioration of renal function, to prevent complications is essential.


Control the diet


The rational treatment of patients with polycystic kidney disease is very important to control the progress of renal function deterioration. Use low-salt diet 2-3 grams of salt per day is appropriate, eat less potassium, phosphorus, diet, low protein, low fat diet, eat more rich in vitamins and plant crude fiber diet, keep stool smooth. Look at your supervisor under the guidance of conditioning your life diet, to restore your kidney function to play a multiplier effect.


Adjust the mood


Get polycystic kidney is not terrible, most afraid of you can not face it in the usual state of mind, polycystic kidney disease is preventable, no matter what method can delay and prevent the occurrence and development of uremia The Moreover, we also have the effect of treatment of micro-traditional Chinese medicine infiltration therapy. As long as with your supervisor with a good, to develop a place in the treatment program to prevent predisposing factors, I believe will be satisfied with the treatment effect.


Control complications


Complications of polycystic kidney disease have been described earlier, mainly cyst rupture, bleeding, infection, stones, in this, highlight the point is to highlight the infection. There are two aspects of infection control: First, cyst infection, the second is urinary tract infection, no matter what kind of infection will have been damaged kidney function aggravated the rate of deterioration, and even cause irreversible results, so control infection must be strengthened, Remember!

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