How to prevent the occurrence of polycystic kidney disease?

How to prevent the occurrence of polycystic kidney disease?

How to prevent the occurrence of polycystic kidney disease? Our life is complex, there will always be some diseases in life, in life, we'd better be

Know more about the prevention of disease, so as to timely control of their physical condition, timely prevention of disease. Next, we'll come

Detailed understanding of it.

First, to prevent the polycystic kidney patients to prevent colds, originally with polycystic kidney patients is very painful, even is again good, family body

Post care can not stop more still continue to expand the reality of the objective reality of the cyst, at this time, such as suffering from a cold, especially repeated cold will suffer from polycystic kidney, kidney damage

The kidney is associated with a greater degree of immune damage, which has exacerbated the deterioration of renal injury. Although micro osmotic therapy can improve

Patients with polycystic kidney disease, but if the patient does not pay attention to, repeated cold immune damage will restrict the specific effects of the micro active substances play.

Two, polycystic kidney disease patients also need to prevent trauma, the majority of polycystic kidney cysts will continue to swell, then, the sac pressure will continue to increase, forcing patients

The kidneys are increasing, intra-abdominal pressure increased, so any slight injuries, such as sprains, bruises and other injuries, will increase the pressure in the abdomen or dirty

The external trauma directly on the cyst enlargement has prompted the impact of high pressure cyst rupture, hemorrhage, easily induced infection. If it is on the surface of the kidney

Large cyst rupture, the cyst is easy to rupture into the abdominal cavity, resulting in hemorrhagic abdominal inflammation, non surgical treatment can not, and the operation will be impaired renal function

A major blow, it is to remind the majority of patients with polycystic kidney disease, prevention of injury to protect their renal function is essential.

How to prevent trauma: the key point is not to increase any excessive pressure on the abdominal cavity, one is not to increase the activity of intra-abdominal pressure, such as large

To maintain patency, defecation due to constipation will increase intra-abdominal pressure; don't move, lift, weight lifting; do not twist activities, even riding a bicycle on the bus

Sprain and increase the intra-abdominal pressure; Belt should be loose, not too tight. Two is to carry out micro osmosis treatment, the current strength is not too strong. Three as

Patients with large renal cysts can be used with a fixed two kidney belt, but also to pay attention to the activities can not be severe, to prevent rupture of the cyst.

Three, polycystic kidney disease patients to prevent fatigue, to avoid kidney damage, anti fatigue, including mental fatigue and physical exertion: mental fatigue, will affect

The patient's brain thinking and command functions, such as the central command system failure, and the function of each organ will be greatly affected, each organ function is not coordinated,

Other diseases will occur, it will accelerate the kidney damage, deterioration, etc.; physical exertion due to physical labor after the metabolism of toxins produced too much, and damaged

Renal function can not be discharged in time, it will aggravate the progress of renal injury.

Four, polycystic kidney disease is very important to control blood pressure, kidney function in patients with polycystic kidney disease before the onset of high blood pressure, we call it polycystic kidney disease:

The emergence of high blood pressure will accelerate the damage of renal function, but also high blood pressure on the heart, brain vascular damage, will be associated with polycystic kidney rupture of cerebral aneurysms

Blood caused severe complications such as stroke, so it is important to control blood pressure to delay the deterioration of renal function and prevent complications.

Five, polycystic kidney patients to control the diet, a reasonable treatment of polycystic kidney disease diet is very important to control the deterioration of renal function. Low salt drink

Eat 2~3 grams of salt per day is appropriate, eat less potassium, phosphorus, diet, low protein, low fat diet, eat more rich in plant crude fiber diet, maintain large

Unobstructed. Under the guidance of your doctor in charge of a good diet of your life, in order to restore your kidney function to play a multiplier role. Polycystic kidney disease

A good complication of polycystic kidney disease has been described previously, mainly 1 cysts rupture of the 2 hemorrhage of the infection of 4 stones, in which the key point of the special emphasis is on the 3

Infection control. Infection control has two aspects: first, the cyst infection, urinary tract infection is the two, no matter what kind of infection will have been impaired renal function

Deterioration of the speed, and even cause irreversible results, so the control of infection must be strengthened, remember.

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