Why kidney disease recurrence

Why kidney disease recurrence

We say that chronic kidney disease can not cure, precisely because it has a high recurrence rate. Relapse, is the heart of patients with kidney disease lingering shadow.

Many patients have questions, why kidney disease will be so easy to relapse it? The reasons are as follows:

Self-reasons: immune disorders

Nephropathy in patients with immune dysfunction, so there is no way to remove the body of toxins. In this way, long-term deposition of a large number of toxins in the kidney, a sign of trouble will lead to relapse.

In addition, hormones and immunosuppressive agents, but also inhibit their own immune function

The most common "sign of trouble" is infection. Because kidney disease patients will have urine protein leakage, have to limit protein intake, so often protein malnutrition. We know that balanced nutrition can have a good resistance, malnutrition can lead to immune dysfunction, can not maintain normal immune defense function, making the chance of infection increased.

Common sites of infection are the respiratory tract, urinary tract, skin and primary peritonitis.

Drug reasons: drug withdrawal

Normal human body, their own secretion of adrenal cortex hormones (that is, prednisone such hormones), nephritis, renal comprehensive, most of the hormone sensitive, taking hormones are also easy to see results. But long-term use of hormones, make the body mistakenly believe that "their own need not secrete hormones," so the adrenal gland to stop the secretion of hormones.

When the withdrawal, the body will be because of the lack of hormones, leading to recurrence of kidney disease.

In addition, hormone reduction too fast, once unable to maintain the body's hormone levels, nephritis can not suppress the.

Life reasons: nursed back to health improperly

Finally, that is, patients with kidney disease usually live improperly nursed back to health:

Too careful: not the door, two do not step, the body can not get exercise, will be getting worse.

Too negligent: do not pay attention to avoid taking the risk of cold, too tired, will lead to lower immunity, but also easy to relapse.

Therefore, the daily examination of patients with kidney disease, skin, throat, gallbladder and appendix is ??to check the site, so as not to omission of infection, resulting in exacerbations and relapse.

Usually we must pay attention to dynamic monitoring of patients with immune function, such as dynamic examination of patients with lymphocyte subsets and immunoglobulin, make early predictions to prevent recurrence.

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