What are the side effects of immunosuppressants?

What are the side effects of immunosuppressants?


In the treatment of kidney disease, doctors often do not play the role of hormones, can not achieve the desired effect, to the patient with immunosuppressive agents. Or some types of kidney disease, such as membranous nephropathy, lupus kidney, and so on.

We all know that hormones have side effects, and the same is true of immunosuppressive agents.

Here are some of the commonly used immunosuppressive agents and their possible adverse reactions.


Adverse reaction

1 white blood cells decreased

2 transaminase increased

3 hypertension

4 weakness

5 abdominal pain

6 diarrhea

7 alopecia

8 rash

Matters needing attention

Blood routine and liver function tests need medication, disable the severe liver function damage and clear HBV or HCV patients;

Men and women who are ready to have birth should be discontinued for more than half a year, and the pregnant and lactating women should be banned.

Mycophenolate mofetil (MMF)

Adverse reaction

1 anemia

2 white blood cell reduction

3 nausea and vomiting

4 diarrhea, abdominal pain

5 induced tumor (conventional dosage, the rate is not high)

Matters needing attention

There is a certain teratogenic effect, so pay attention to contraception during medication.


Adverse reaction

1 white blood cell reduction

2 affect liver function

3 Effects of fertility (pregnant women with caution)

4 nausea and vomiting

5 alopecia

6 frequent micturition, urgency, hematuria and dysuria

Matters needing attention

The drug on the bladder, urethra stimulation, drinking water should be used before;

Should regularly review the blood, liver function, skin yellowing and bleeding should be immediately for treatment, liver dysfunction with caution;

Tripterygium wilfordii

Adverse reaction

1 male infertility

2 women amenorrhea

3 creatinine increased

4 blood cells decreased

5 transaminase elevation

6 rash, splash

7 alopecia

8 headache

9 nausea and vomiting

10 abdominal pain

Matters needing attention

Should regularly check the blood and liver function, liver and kidney dysfunction with caution.


Adverse reaction

1 renal toxicity

2 transaminase elevation

3 high blood pressure

4 menstrual disorders

5 headache, fatigue

6 nausea and vomiting, poor appetite

7 lipid, blood glucose, uric acid increased

8 high blood potassium, calcium, magnesium and low

9 hairy, acne, rash

10 gingival hyperplasia

Matters needing attention

Cyclosporine has renal toxicity, therefore, the use of cyclosporine, must be monitored for renal function.

In order to ensure the stability of blood drug concentration, we have to use a good friend of the manufacturers.

Tacrolimus (FK506)

Adverse reaction

1 renal dysfunction

2 headache, drowsiness, tremor and other psychiatric symptoms

3 carcinogenic (skin and other malignant tumors)

4 high blood pressure

5 nausea and vomiting

6 lipid, blood glucose, uric acid increased

7 high blood potassium, low calcium and low magnesium

Matters needing attention

Need to monitor the project: tacrolimus blood concentration, blood pressure, liver and kidney function, electrolytes, blood lipids, blood uric acid, blood sugar, etc..


Adverse reaction

1 eye damage

2 blood cells decreased

3 liver function damage,

4 white hair, hair loss

5 skin itching, rash, splash

Matters needing attention

Regular review of blood and liver function in patients with liver disease, caution;

The drug has minimal side effects, but may cause eye damage, so it is necessary to have an eye check before using the drug, and then every 3 months. If the appearance of blurred vision, vision loss, fear of light and other symptoms, the need for immediate treatment.

Often patients say:

These drugs have side effects, do not want to eat, there is no other way?

In fact, all adverse reactions, not every user will occur, and the incidence of adverse reactions is not high.

Moreover, our doctors will consult experts in various fields, to take a combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment, such treatment is the least side effects.

In strict control of these indications, in addition to believe their doctor, we also need to know some of the protection of the knowledge, in order to better cooperate with the doctor, to protect their body.

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